Man Up Monday: Pau Gasol

No big man can escape the the posterizations that Blake Griffin hands out on a near-daily basis. But these dunks over Pau Gasol really take it to the next level. We all remember the dunk over Kendrick Perkins, but I couldn’t really blame Perk for that. Perkins got beat on a basketball play and just lost the battle in the air. Pau Gasol is another deal altogether.

I really think it was that last elbow to the chin that really makes it look bad. Blake just dominated the bigger man there. I think bailing out on the play actually isn’t worse than ending up on the floor after getting dunked on. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it got much worse.

That seems unnecessary. Blake saw it coming all the ay too. He was just creeping toward the rim as the shot went up. Once again Pau ends up on the ground.

Those are football plays right there people. It would be scary to see what those collisions would be if Griffin had on pads and a helmet. I’m betting Pau Gasol still wouldn’t want any.

So Pau Gasol, you need to Man Up! That was embarrassing. If you aren’t quite sure exactly how. Check your boy Kendrick Perkins. He understands what it takes to Man Up.

That’s how you make it happen.



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    Who knew if you mixed black & ginger a high flying tomato would be killing people on a weekly basis?

    As for Pau, not only did he get smashed on twice, he got his peoples laughing at his ass too.

    Shooting 3’s, talking shit about it, and laughing when your teammates get posterized. They should have traded this fool years ago when people thought he could be something.

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    I think Blake’s jersey would be full up on “achievement badges” by about week 4 of the season….

  3. jville78 says:

    That shit is hilarious. If Pau women wouldn’t have dumped his last year, she damn sure would’ve done it tonight. The best part of that first clip was the very end. Even Bynum in the bottom right corner couldn’t hide his face. His “DAMN!” face looked liked them old school ninja turtle toys from the 90’s

  4. L Trane says:

    The best part about that dunk is Bynum’s reaction. His face says it all

  5. Matta Fact says:

    In 10 years the NBA is gonna be RETARDED with athletic freaks at every position.
    I gotta shout out my niller Russ West