Come On Bruh! Nice Try Bro Edition

I was caught in the intense gravitational force of March Madnass so I haven’t been able to talk about one of my favorite new links on the blogroll down there. Do yourself a favor and click on Nice Try, Bro. It is hilarious. I saw this joint this morning and had to post it.

I had to go with the super big version of that pic so you could really get the full impact of my man’s tie. Damion McKinney is an assistant coach with the National Champion Baylor Bears and he also apparently has access to someone who makes custom clothing who hates him. There is a tailor somewhere who convinced him he could have the look of an ascot with the convenience of a tie…in snakeskin. Even worse, this questionable fashion moment will live forever in National Championship photos. I hope he threw the jacket back on when they were passing out those hats at the end of the game.

Wait a minute. The interns are coming in with BREAKING NEWS. He didn’t throw the jacket on. Fuck,¬†this is terrible.

A generation from now, someone will look at this picture and wonder what the hell that thing is up there in that picture. Wow, he just photobombed the greatest moment in Baylor history.

Come on Bruh!