Antonio Cromartie STILL Gets a LOT of Tail

I wrote an article in about Antonio Cromartie in August 2010…that as a mere 20 months ago. You can read it HERE. Waaaaaay back when, dude had 8 kids. Apparently that wasn’t enough, because he now has 10 kids (The Good News: The last few were with his wife Terricka, who actually was his wife 20 months ago. The Bad News: THEY ARE EXPECTING TWINS. Okay, that isn’t bad news, but it is crazy.

That is 12 kids by long about New Year 2013.

Antonio Cromartie has to be one of the most virile men in the world. Do you know how much sex you need to have to have 12 kids below the age of seven. The Dugger family thinks Cro is out of his f’n mind. The Octomom thinks Antonio needs to slow down. Do you know how hard it is to get a woman pregnant? People shouldn’t even take fertility medication anymore, they should just go hang out with Antonio Cromartie. In fact, I broke it down last time.

Women are capable of becoming pregnant about 17% of the days in a year.  That is like 5 days a month.  It is a precision mission.  Second, there are clearly four different women at work here.  So the chance of getting all four pregnant is less likely than being dealt a Blackjack in Vegas.  Then you have to realize that we aren’t talking about a single shot to get the job done. Finally, Antonio Cromartie’s wiki page says all of these women are in different cities.  I say all of that to say this:

That’s a whole lotta fuckin.

The only correction is that it wasn’t 4 women (screw you wikipedia) it was 8 women. 12 kids, 8 women 7 years. That might be a world record. Seriously, someone look that up.

They were about to make a reality show about it. What were they gonna call it? REALLY Big Love: Black Mormons? Someone tell Antonio fuckin is how you make babies, but you don’t actually have to make a baby EVERY time you fuck. I mean damn. Work in a condom once or twice.

I will say this, Cromartie is taking care of all his children. Can’t hate on that.



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    Best part of this post, was it made me go look up some Ali G clips. Dat nilla is a damn fool.

  2. sweetsexy says:

    he needs to be the new spokeperson for trojan

  3. that dude says:

    10 kids? I just have one question: public or private school? Because if they are going upscale, he will be broke.

  4. And he married a video heaux to to it all off. his mom must be so proud. 🙂

  5. and she just had a baby earlier this year so he not only doesn’t due condoms but no six week check-ups either lol