Ann Romney The Stay At Home Mom…Sheeeeeeeeit

I thought all hell was going to break lose last week when Hilary Rosen called B.S. on Ann Romney for talking about women, jobs, and economics when she said “She’s never worked a day in her life.”

Ann Romney scored a big “gotcha” moment when she said, she decided to be a stay at home mom. Of course, you can’t talk shit about a stay at home mom, moms are bulletproof. Once you push a person out of your sweet lady parts, you’ve pretty much got a trump card for life.  So everyone rushed to support Ann Romney’s decision. Hilary picked the wrong words, and somehow got buried for it, but we all know what she was trying to say. What she should have said was, Ann Romney was born with money and married money. Anytime she’s decided to (she should have dropped some heavy air quotes here )”Work” it was by choice, not by necessity. She’s never had to make the hard financial decisions that most American women make because she’s sitting on a quarter billion right now.

That’s actually a legit point. Instead we’re talking about how hard of a job being a stay at home mom is. Here’s the thing. Look at this family.

My bad, wrong picture. Here’s her real family.

Holy shit! She’s got more kids and grandkids than the fake ass joke picture. Do you know how much sex you have to have to have that many people in one family? The book of Mormon must not allow a day of rest. Sundays are reserved for getting it in.

Here’s my thing. Let’s say Ann Romney did decide to stay at home. Have you ever been around FIVE kids? Five. You think a woman with five kids is going to take care of all those kids by herself? Have you ever been around five kids? Wait, even better, do you think a woman with five kids and sitting on a few hundred million dollars isn’t going to have a nanny or three on staff?

There aren’t any rich people taking care of five kids on their own. You aren’t loading up kids and running them to school, soccer practice, back to the house, church, pick up another two kids, do some homework and tuck everyone in. Nah. Ann Romney had nannies stacked up. That’s the funniest thing about this whole “controversy”. Is that there is a woman somewhere who is watching Ann Romney wave the flag of the stay at home mom, meanwhile she’s thinking “That chick wasn’t with me when I was getting shot in the face with water guns and cleaning up poop”.

She’s out there somewhere. And she’s got a big “bitch please” ready for Ann Romney next time she sees her.



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    I agree you can’t bust on stay at home mom’s. Well actually you can, but that’s another post entirely. I think Hillary is jealous. Das it, nothing more, nothing less. Ann is an educated chick, she made a bitness decision, “I’m gonna pop out 5 lil nilla’s, hire a couple spanish heaux’s to help raise’em up and chill while Mitt makes loot.” That right there is 98.7% of all womens “made it” plan. That said, let’s not act like a stay home mom is a tough job. Don’t believe me, here is some perspective on it:

  2. JustTheTip says:

    They’re all jealous. Hell, the mom that works as a nurse 40 hours per week is jealous of the mother that only works 2 days a week at 7-11. Very few moms want to work. This whole seetuation was just a test balloon to see what will stick. Dis lection gonna be somthin krazy.

  3. Stuff like this is why I hate politics, the bs news cycle, and the whole gotcha/gaffe b.s. So many people taking false umbrage over the truth. I can’t believe “everyone” came to defense of “moms who don’t earn a w-2 when that was not the point Rosen was making.

  4. that dude says:

    Yeah, every chick wants to CHOOSE to work or CHOOSE to stay at home. Most families need both paychecks just to avoid falling them growing holes in the safety net. Even most high rolling mommies got some kind of side hustle these days.

    As for the difficulties of being a stay home mom. The hard part is them damn kids. All the rest of it ain’t that deep. But all day…or really, a large part of the day with kids will turn your mind into mush.

  5. Thank for this post, yo. I really want the nanny(ies?) to come forward and be like “that bi-yatch just sat around drinking mai-tais, she didn’t lift an effing finger taking care of those brats.”

    But you hit the real point, which is that romney, unlike most women in this country, had the option to stay home without causing her family financial hardship. the way she refuses to recognize that good fortune (let alone push for policies designed to let everyone have that same luxury) is pretty good evidence that she sucks as a person.

    Mr. Jezus, good link.

  6. @Brock fall umbrage is as bad as fake beef before your album drops.