UvT Tourney Challenge Update

Damn, I’ve been focusing on March Madnass so much (and Duke took that early left cross to the jaw, so I have to admit I lost interest). But there are some strong UvT Faithful right at the top of the pile this year.

Right now the people with the best shot of winning are The Measer with a 10 point lead and Ohio State. If they take it, he wins. watilike has Kansas and I have no idea who that is, but he’s #TeamUs so it is all good. JMack and KCtheTruth have Kentucky. From my math KC might be out of it because he can’t beat JMack. It’s good too, if KC won the Fantasy Football and Tourney Challenge back to back we might have to actually buy him a championship belt as the King of UvT Sports. Either way the kid is clearly a beast. I might fly him out to Vegas so we can lay some real loot down.

So good luck, talk some shit this weekend in the comments and may the best man win.



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    I didn’t win, but 7th isn’t bad considering I didn’t watch 7 mins of college basketball this year. Also, I didn’t finish behind “Lick my nut up trick, Gooseninja”. A morale victory I spose.