New York Knicks Fans Hate To Lose

The Knicks and Celtics went into overtime yesterday and Boston took control pretty quickly as soon as OT started. There was one man with the heart to wear his old school Knicks jersey to the Garden. With the Knicks up 3 before Paul Pierce hit the 3 to tie it up, I know he was feeling good right up until the end. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t like the Knicks effort in overtime.

That’s a “This is some bullshit” face if I ever saw one. I tweeted that joke yesterday by the way, if you followed me on Twitter you would have seen it already. So why don’t you go on ahead and follow @uvtblog RIGHT HERE.



  1. note that no one is talking ish to the tatted up, pissed off looking new yorker. even though he is the only non-lilly face in an otherwise whitewashed garden. in fact, no one is even glancing his way.

    that’s a winning posture with a “this is some bs expression” if i’ve ever seen one.

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    I bet Dat Dude wishes he didn’t make Dat Trip…..

  3. Slick Jefferson says:

    I remember seeing that exact expression while live streaming the game illegally over the Internet. Dude’s salty expression overpowered choppy YouTube-quality compression to reach me up in the corner office.