March Madnass: The Elite Eight Voting

It is the Elite Eight and it is time to get serious. Last round had the heaviest voting of the whole competition. So I knew I had to step my game up too.

This one is going to be a little photo intense, but these pictures are for the greater good. Now I like to let everyone have as much freedom as possible, but these ladies have made it this far so it is time to make sure only the best UvT Quality babes make it to the Final Four. So it is time to bring it back home, it is time to bring it back to that ass. So this round you get at least one tail shot. In the case of Biel, someone broke out the five booty screenshot. There is no way I’m apologizing for the high quality of that shot. Let’s get to it.

A. Jessica Biel vs. Ines Sainz

Jessica Biel:

Ines Sainz:

B. Jessica Burciaga vs. SueLyn Medieros

Jessica Burciaga:

SueLyn Medieros:

C. Esther Baxter vs. Laura Dore

Esther Baxter:

Laura Dore:

D. Sofia Vergara vs. Miss Rabbit

Sofia Vergara:

Miss Rabbit:

Don’t you want to vote right now? I’m not gonna stop you. Click away. Voting ends Wednesday.


  1. Mr. Jezus says:


    We have 7 burrtiful ladies and & budda face. Not bad overall.

    That Jessica/Suelyn & Esther/LD is for real.

    Biel/Suelyn/Esther (cause I like real over fake anythang) & Sofia.

  2. G the Intern says:

    I take it Inez is the Butterface…..Yeah, this is a great matchup but I guess voting is slow cuz some of these chicks just took off like a bullet!!

  3. sweetsexy says:

    i cant believe esther is not getting the votes the rest of the voting im in agreement with but that one baffles the mind

  4. ConAssSeur says:

    Ines’ tailpiece got her thru a series of weak matchups but she won’t survive this round.

  5. slim/athletic > fake thickums / butterface

  6. Matta Fact says:

    Sophia’s ass is Ridonkylous

    I cant believe doo-doo comes out of there

  7. You guys are on crack…. Have you seen Biel Lately? He has lost all of her assets and looks like a crack head. After she started dating timberfake she started to look like a teenage boy. I agree that the old Jessica would mop the floor wife Ines. But at least she still has hers…

  8. Trendy White Dude says:

    For Jessica Burciaga…..I’ll be on that new Lil B shit…”I’ma eat her ass”

  9. Mr. Jezus says:

    Did Nicca Phelps bail on the competition when all the video heauxs ain’t make it through?