March Madnass Round of 32: Hell Yeah F’n Right Division

This division is why Twitter is a great invention. uncut, behind the scenes pics are great. This division is full of blurry cam and phone pics. I actually like it. Voting starts now, the real competition starts in this round. These decisions are tougher than my basketball brackets.

Vote early, vote often, go ahead and get in there.



Kate Upton vs. Brittany Dailey

Bria Myles vs. Sophie Turner

SueLyn Medeiros vs. Paula Patton

Jessica Burciaga vs. Melyssa Ford


  1. YaAverageGuy says:

    Maybe its just me but i don’t see whats so special about Kate Upton. Built like a typical white girl if u ask me. Not a hip in site

  2. ConAssSeur says:

    In total agreement… Pretty face, cute girl… Not MadnASS material in my opinion!

  3. b was pretty hard… neither?

  4. ConAssSeur says:

    Sophie Turner… Good Lawd… Now that’s Madnass material

  5. Let me get on my Nicca Phelps shit once again.

    Kate Upton got some nice all natural J’z and a pretty face but like Ya said homegurl got no hips or ass. Miss Dailey got fake J’z but she has a pretty face as well as hips and a phat ass. So for a March Madnass tourney the winner of this match-up should be obvious.

    Bria is cute and got body for days, but Sophie Turner got da whole supermodel look going for her plus she got a little donk to top it all off. In the end it’s gonna come down to how much hip and bootymeat you wanna fuck wit. Personally I think Bria should win.

    Oh, one more thing…. Fuck Jezus. I wanna give a big shout-out to all da females in his life dat did, are doing and will do da bitch ass nilla dirty; You all will be blessed.

  6. Mr. Jezus says:

    @ AvgGuy / Con

    Yeah Kate doesn’t have the ass for most of the fella’s here. But the competition is not the best ass. The title would lead you to believe that, I get it. But March Baddest Chick Around doesn’t really sell does it?

    @ Nicca Phelps


  7. ConAssSeur says:

    As my name suggests… I’m an ass man… To me if she doesn’t have one of the best asses in the competition, then she’s not one of the baddest chicks here… Period. I agree it’s not just about the ass, but if you can’t stick the landing then you can’t win the contest.

  8. G the Intern says:

    I’m with Jezus on this one. The competition is not all about ASS….I actually looked at the pictures and thought “Damn, Britney has a better body but something about kate is just so SEXY! Like she can just work her assets so exceptionally, and nothing is off the table. You get a supermodel broad with that kinda attitude and it’s hard to beat. Britney could be like a cute girl who won’t go down on you. I’ma take choice A every time. I will also add that Brit is fine but she aint really standing out that much in a room full of video models. Kate made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kate gets my vote here. That was a tough one but don’t let the title fool you. The competition ain’t all about ass alone!

  9. G the Intern says:

    I’ll also say that Paula Patton doesn’t pass the “WOW” test. If you were to walk in to a room with Paula on your arm, you might get some people lookin at her but if Suleyn walks in on your arm EVERY straight man in the place is breakin their neck to look at her. Paula’s kinda average lookin to me AND she has a pancake ass

  10. I do want Brittany to win, but the only one I’m really rooting for in this division is Suelyn. I hope she at least makes it to da round of 8. I don’t want her to win it all though, cuz her sextape was wack as fuck, lol.

  11. @Brock

    Lol, word up, dat shit was turrible, just turrible….her narcissism was xxxtraordinary though.

    • @Itz, I would like to amend my comment with the fact I didn’t actually watch that sextape. I never watch the tape. As always. I just wanted to note that for the record. I just heard…n’stuff

  12. @Brock

    Don’t worry, we believe you, lol.

    By da way, who won the unsigned rappers on twitter contest thing you and Catfish were doing last year.

    If it’s still going on, I wanna throw this cat called the Real Dondada in the mix.!/RealDondada

    Below is a link to one of his youtube videos. Check his other ones out. Son is raw.


    • @Itz never ran the rap competition. I was waiting for 2012, then we started getting too close to March Madnass. I’m still gonna run it though.

  13. Whats up wit the unfair Paula Patton picture. U mean to tell me that Paula Patton wearing a table cloth was the best pic u could find…especesially when u got Suelyn in lingerie?!? Cmon fam