UvT Fashion Review: The New Jordan 2012

I actually thought these were a joke until I saw them go live on the nike.com site. The Jordan shoes have always had a natural split. The official Jordan shoes generally look good. They’ve been known to start riots. Then there is Brand Jordan, which look like officially sanctioned knockoff shoes. Unfortunately, the 2012’s look like the latter.

Is anyone going to wear those with a straight face? Someone took a hiking boot, slapped on some suede patches, and dropped in some high tops that harken back to an era where short shorts were somehow allowed on basketball courts. Even Marty McFly thinks the new Jordan 2012’s are too much.

They actually made those last year and somehow they didn’t seem as ridiculous as the Jordan 2012’s.

Apparently, they didn’t show Michael Jordan until the last second. We captured his reaction once he figured out how badly his legacy was going to be tarnished.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve liked a pair of Jordan’s until long about the 14. The 15 was the beginning of the ridiculous era, roughly 12 years ago. Someone needs to tell the designers over a Jordan that less is more. Maybe in 2013 they can leave the stitching, the laser etching, the switchable shoe inserts, and the giant straps.

We all know what the problem is, don’t we? Michael Jordan has the worst fashion sense in the free world. Never has a man with $250 Million spent so much on ripped jeans and the longest sportcoats known to man.

When that dude is your creative inspiration, things could be dismal for a long, long time.