Man Up Monday: Ain’t No Man Up Monday

I’m rolling out the second part of Us+Them and I want you to read that more. So there is no Man Up Monday this week.

If there was, it would probably go out to every point guard who as responsible for stopping Jeremy Lin last week. I’ve still got to talk about Linsanity later this week any way.

Make sure you check out the comments section on Us+Them too, they areĀ killer.



  1. You mos def gotta talk ’bout Linsanity. For Us Knickaz ( i.e. die-hard Knicks fans) dat ninja is heaven sent.

  2. Ol' Bertie Brown says:

    Yup, yup. My dog J-Lin iz mint.

  3. LIn aint shiz he’s a hype kinda like crack cocaine on a Vday in Sandiego. I mean do you really need or want it when its 75 degrees at night in Feb