Groundhog’s Day: WTF?

I hit the archives today thinking I was going to pull a classic post on Groundhog’s Day. Surely in 5 years I’ve covered the most ridiculous holiday to ever make in on a calendar. Why does everyone pay attention to a Groundhog in Pennsylvania to predict the weather? Why does anyone pay attention to these guys?

Why would I trust that dude to tell me anything about anything? He’s kissing a giant underground rat.

In an era of science, how did this small town convince anyone that this matters so much it makes national news every year? It’s like watching the worst magic show ever, complete with silly hats.



  1. I live in PA and I still can’t figure this shyte out! And that pic? that pic right dere? Is almost as bad as that tranny pic from couple of days ago… almost (still can’t get that image out of my mind). If I didn’t know any better, I would think the one guy is forcing the other to kiss the rodent.