A Solution For All the Skinny Chicks

As an Assologist, I try to ignore the various methods of booty modification available to ladies these days. Some go with the Booty Pop, others go with a permanent Ass-gel, some hit that gym hard, and others go the other way and just hit the biscuits and gravy.

Apparently, the drug store already has a solution. I had never seen it before, but I was in my local CVS and came across this:

All you’ve got to do is “Thick-It”. So brilliant, I wish I thought of it. From the look of it though, they need a little advice from the old art and package design company. They are literally dripping dollops of Thick-It on the product package. If that is what Thick-It is, I’m pretty sure I’ve been making direct deposits of Thick-It for a long time, and I have found that on occasion the recipients of Thick-It have, in fact, had “Swallowing Disorders”.

I just didn’t know how much I was helping and how large of a problem it was for the ladies out there.

I should have just dropped this under “Unintentional Porn”. The makers of “Thick-It” really could not have piled on more sexual references onto this can if they tried. Maybe if they changed the product name.

Even that talks about full flavored indulgence.

I didn’t know that dollops were the key ingredient to helping a chick thicken up. I thought it was an old myth that chicks started getting thick once they started having sex, but now I guess it wasn’t just rumor. It must be true if they are making a dollop supplement. Ladies, if you need this product, don’t resort to CVS, I can get you an unlimited supply of fresh product. It’s organic. So that’s got to be good for you, right?



  1. Nice, lol.

    It’ll be a glorious day if da “Thick it” we dreaming about becomes a reality, cuz one thing I knowz fo sho is dat da thicker da berry, da sweeter da juice.

    Speaking of thick, let me put up my first nomination for March Madnass right nizzow.

    ( I’m dropping all video links for my nominations this year, so we can see every single angle of each nominee’s NSFW ASSets.

    – Sofia Vergara –

    She’s an oldie but a goodie. Her curvy, Colombian ass been dumb fine for the last two decades and I don’t think she was nominated last year.


  2. * replace “day” with “world”*

  3. Well, might as well bring out another March Madnass nominee. Like usual, I try to stick with dymed out brawds that are mostly all natural… mostly. One or two may have had some work done on da J’z but if don’t look too fake, in my book Itz all good.

    Next up is a sexy Kim Kardashian Knock-off and one of Reg Bush’s more recent jumpz, Claudia Sampedro.

    {http://bit.ly/xMdLzz} – This link is for Rick Ross’s new music video “High Definition”. Miss Sampedro is in here looking all kinds of fine in a hoeish yet so right, black and white bathing suit number. She only shows up a few times, totaling a couple secs, but it’s worth it.