Blake Griffin Is About To Make You Make A Stanky Face

This is pretty ridiculous.

That’s filthy. I bet Kendrick Perkins wishes he had that 35 pounds back.



  1. Matta Fact says:

    Thats not fair

    Dude continually gets so high and stretches so far he just throws the ball down into the hoop.

    Its unreal .. like some old school NBA Jams type dunk where he jumps mad high over the rim…strikes a pose… and holds it for hella until the last milli-second on the way down and yaks it.

  2. Slick Jefferson says:

    Who farted?

  3. Blappy Mason says:

    Kendrick Perkins can go’head and retire that scowl. Nobody is going to respect your surly big nigga act when you’ve been baptized like that during legit minutes of a game. He also better respond to all interview questions about that dunk with “yeah he got me, but if you think you can do it..try me and watch what happens”. And then he has to catch some flagrant 2s.
    How do you even play lob-city? So many opportunities to be dunked on pretty aggressively.

  4. I remember when my man Perk was on the Celtics..that wouldn’t have happened to him…Blake Superior would be on the deck. KG would have had his back. They let that poor boy get eaten up.
    Not to mention Perk’s hand was all up in Blake’s face…..smdh, Jesus take the wheel……

  5. Just wondering. Got into an argument with a dude over Facebook who was arguing that this was a lay up because he didn’t get the rim. I told him he was a dumb f$%& because a) he did get the rim and b) even if he didn’t get the rim, it was still a dunk. Lay up = laid up into the rim. Dunk = slammed into the basket. Rim or no rim is irrelevant. Just interested what others thought.
    I also brought up the point that Dwight Howard’s Superman dunk had no parts of his hand touch the rim and he won the Slam Dunk Contest. So clearly, like I said earlier, he was a dumb f&%$!

  6. Ian M. Summers says:

    I’m not really sure what Kendrick Perkins could’ve done about that other than take Griffin out entirely. I mean by the time he rotated over it was too late for anyone to do anything other than what he did. Why is this embarrassing to him again?

  7. XXBomberXX says:

    @Ian man the average goofball who watches that dunk doesnt care about the finer points of help defense, rotating, and switching and helping the helper. They see a dude jumping 11/12 feet in the air and emasculating another dude. And the fucking whistle is just like the cherry on top. It was probably inadvertent, the ref just say “DAMN” with the whistle in his mouth. Who knows if he even made the free throw. While not in the top 10 EVER it was pretty sick, you have to be

    A) A person with the last name of Perkins

    B) A member of the Thunder

    To think he didnt get embarrassed

  8. Ol' Bertie Brown says:


    u kinda mailed it in wit dat, but das ok, we all got sum dem dayz wen we jis hit dat juice an we kant rilly get da ol’ dome workin riht


    Dude, wen sum dude playz u like dat, u just embarassed. Ain’t u never got turrd round da rong way on da court, all’a sudden sum dude’z nutz is in ur face and he hangin off da rim? u can say “well, gee, I really was trying to play good defense and I just played the best defense I could and I am still proud that I gave it my all”

    nah, datz not how it go down at all. u jus got worked, dog.

  9. Mr. Jezus says:

    I read OBB very well, but being Jezus that should not surprise anyone. While reading his last comment a thought crossed my mind: I wonder which takes longer A) Bertie typing his comments out or B) people struggling to read them?

    Also, being a nilla blessed on the court….I must say getting dunked on by possibly the only ginger nicca in da world is shameful, but this shit is off the chain. Dudes head was above the rim.

    @ grip

    Slap dat fool if you see him, Air Red caught rim. It was most def a dunk.

    Kendrick “damn nicca” Perkins should punch the next mufucka that tries to slam on him. It won’t erase the tape, but that next next dude might think twice.

  10. G the Intern says:

    Yeah, that was a tough situation. He has to be embarrassed cuz if HE dunked on someone like that, he’d expect that cat to be embarrassed. I think the dunk was sweet but Vince Carter’s Olympic dunk was MUUUUCH sweeter. Vince is the best in game dunk artist of all time!

  11. Matta Fact says:

    Damn !

    He was boomin all night tonight too !

    Hoopin like hes Teen Wolf !