Man Up Monday: More Man Up Medley

There is just too much out there tonight. Like is said on the UvT Twitter Feed, I don’t know how I’m going to get to it all. Let’s start with Herman Cain. Like my boy Mike Lawry said:

I thought Herman Cain was going Tiger Woods there for a second. His old women were coming out of the woodwork. A woman accused him of sexual harassment. Big Daddy Cain called B.S. and kept it moving. Another woman said he rubbed her high thigh in the back of a limo and implied she could exchange sex for a job, Cain’t Touch This said “hail naw chick, you can’t prove nothin”. But when they found this chick Ginger White…

Herman Cain was like “Who’s talking junk now? Who? Ginger White. Y’all found Ginger? You know what? I don’t want to be President anymore. I’m out.”

I guess after Herman had a 13 year “friendship” with Ginger here, he wasn’t really ready to answer any more questions about the matter. This chick shut down a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. What the hell does she know? Whatever it is, Herman sure as hell didn’t want to talk about it. He’s out. He shoulda known too. You can’t have a side chick named Ginger White. That just sounds like a chick tryin to set you up. Herman, it might be too late to Man Up on this one. If this one was a UFC Fight, Herman Cain just tapped out. That choke must have been locked in a lot tighter than we thought.

Speaking of a choke being locked in tight, did you see that Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones vs. Lyoto Machida fight? Here’s how it ended.

My man choked him out with pure, brute strength. [gif from the good people at Iron Forges Iron] That was that no tap out choke. As bad as that looked, it wasn’t the craziest thing that happened Saturday night. Frank “Tap or Snap” Mir also got a hold of “Big Nog” Nogueira. Mir was in trouble when he was able to drag Big Nog to the ground, from there it was classic Frank Mir big man jiu jitsu. Here’s a tip. When a 265 pound man has your arm twisted behind your back, if you try once or twice and it doesn’t seem like you are gonna get out…you might want to tap on out. Otherwise you end up with this:

Not really what you want as a fighter. We know you are tough, no need to be that dude laying in the ring for an extra 15 minutes while they hook you up with a bootleg splint. Man Up and tap out. No need to lose an arm over it.

Here’s a quick shot. Congratulations to Baylor QB, Robert Griffin III, on winning the Heisman.

Two quick things though. Man Up on that hair. I’m a firm believer that a man should get his hair “cut”, not “done”. Second, Man Up for thinking these socks were a good idea.

Really? The sock cape? Even Clark Kent thinks those are terrible.

RG3. Man Up on that one. Those are turrible.

Finally, Man Up to the fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. I know you think Albert Pujols left for money.

Here’s a secret. If a dude slides out to some crappy team to clock an additional $2 Million, maybe $4 Million (looking at you Pudge Rodriguez) you might have an argument. When a guy leaves for an extra $52 MILLION, let me do that with the zeroes so you know how much money that is…that’s $52,000,000.00. That’s about so much money, it’s not even about the money anymore. That becomes about personal pride and not being an idiot. Because if you walk away from $52 Million, you are, in fact, an idiot. He had to do it…let it go.

So Herman Cain, Lyoto Machida, and Minotauro Nogueira, and Robert Griffin III, and the people of St. Louis…MAN UP!




  1. For real. Man up Big Nog. You didnt need to incur a career-ending injury just by refusin to tap out. Shiiiiit. We know its a kimura. We know you had a giant crankin it. We would’ve understood. Unless you wanted an excuse to retire,you mean ol bastard.

    Yo, Brock, Frank Mir deserves a MAN UP for bein unable to conceal in postmatch interviews that the whole unpleasant bidness gave him a boner…

    As much as I cant stand Jones, the sommomabitch has proved he aint a fluke. Ask Rampage. He needs to meet my man the Spider, soon. That will shut him up.

  2. Ian M. Summers says:

    Nog is a champ. It isn’t in him to quit. That man has had more amazing come backs than any other fighter I can think of (look up his fights with Crocop and Sapp in Pride). That same mentality that got him this far in his career is what wouldn’t allow him to tap until there was no way he could fight anymore. Most guys tap because they’re not strong enough to endure the pain. Noguiera won’t tap until you’ve all but removed his arm and there is no way he can fight anymore.

    How in the hell does that deserve a man up?

  3. no way you get a man up for not tapping… yeah it ended brutal for both guys… but they went out their shields = the exact opposite of needing to man up….man down if anything… man up to tito for being illergic to body shots or hominick for getting laid out in 7 seconds on hometurf

  4. Something’s bothering me. Am I the only one that thinks Ginger looks like she could of been hot back in the day?

    And Cain…you know, I keep waiting for a politician to come out and say, “Yeah, that’s right, bitch. I was and AM a p-i-m-p. So the hell what?” I’m voting for THAT guy.

  5. @CL I hear ya about Ginger..may be the intern can find some young pics of her bringing the high heat.

    @Brock no coverage for Lilo?

  6. Blohan prolly doesn’t need a “Man Up” but a “Bish Please” wouldn’t hurt that ho.

    Looks like she might be off that shat though…at least for a min or two. I prefer Lilo v1.0, but the 2.0 version could still get it. Looks like the few lbs she is carrying are going to the right spots…

    but damn, das a “white” brawd if I ever did see one.

  7. @ Ian & Co. how about a Man Up from the view point that all an athlete has is his body? How about tappin out and gettin a rematch in 6months? But to lose AND sustain a career-threatenin injury?
    Now my man Anderson Silva is a bad-ass, but catch him in a half-assed heel-hook, knee-bar,armbar whatever, the brother will tap out so fast, you will think he hasn’t heard of jiu jitsu. To protect his body. Now Big Nog will have to wonder if it was worth it everytime he lifts a dumbell or throws a punch. The Man Up is well deserved. There’s no shame in losing to a worthy opponent, but its damn shame to let him take your arsenal 2 cents