I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Let Those Guys Borrow My Cars…

Now see, I usually don’t let people borrow the whips. I try to keep my collection pristine. But I let a few guys borrow the keys one time and this happens.

The whole Ferarri collection gone.

Okay, I’m playing, this was a car wreck in Japan and somehow seven Ferarris got totaled. That would be $3.6 Million in damaged car right there. I don’t really understand how none of the cars made it out clean.

Wait a minute…hmmm, this might be a culturally sensitive moment. Now this happened in Japan right? With Japanese drivers? Now I don’t want to get into stereotypes but…well, let me tell you a story. I was in a parking lot and this car was trying to get out of the spot. The driver was an Asian woman. She was trying to back out and just couldn’t make it happen. The lady had to work it back and forth about 12 times and still couldn’t get out. I took a picture of the parking lot.

I really thought she had it.

Now I say all that to say this. I’m not saying the stereotype is true, but maybe, just maybe this isn’t going to help dispel the stereotype in question.




  1. Itzdatdude says:

    Smh. Japanese wit da need for speed might need to stick to exotic rickshaws.

  2. I like how you found a way to say it all without really saying anything.

  3. SenorMysterioso says:

    Except all the drivers were white

  4. So Speed Racer is just like an aspirational dream to them? What about that bootleg Fast and Furious movie set in Japan (never saw that one due to the presence of Bow Wow)?