Never Underestimate the Power of the Party Girl

It doesn’t matter if you are in the club, at a house party, or at a bar, Party Girl always helps. She’s easy to find too. Her war cry is “Woooooooo!” and she can usually be found in the middle of the room,on tables, she stays in the mix.

She knows how to get the party started. You need this chick. She doesn’t ever have to be the sexy one and, honestly, most often she isn’t. The sexy girl is too busy in the corner getting free drinks and getting hollered at. Party girl is out there getting so drunk she doesn’t really care what else is going on anyway. She’s just in the middle of the room filling up space and making it seem like there is a lot more going on than there actually is.

But there is a party girl who can take it to the whole next level. Naked party girl.

That’s hilarious. Some girls just always want to take it to the next level. It’s like a constant Girls Gone Wild episode. You never know when she is going to just break out and end up running around in nothing but underwear. This chick just went all out though. It looks like it was actually a nice event too. Everyone is dressed up pretty nicely, but this girl is so comfortable with her body she just wanted to get naked for the picture. Hilarious. I’m sure it is some college semi-formal and she just needed something crazy for the Tri-delt of University of Texas Facebook page.

She’s got a nice little body though. Respectable J game, looks like she’s got a little four-pack working in the abs, and you know your boy Brock loves a strong hip crease. She’s so wild she’s got a nice color to her with no tan lines. Probably likes to get buck naked outside too.

You know why I love the internet though? Naked Party girl never strikes once. This is a lifestyle. I had the interns do a little research to see if they can track more shots down. We got a angle two or something in there?

Wait a minute. Wait a got-damn minute. Oh. Oh no. This isn’t Naked Party girl. THAT WAS AN ARM?!?! The hip crease…nothing but an elbow? I can’t take it. Does the fact that we thought that arm was a hot naked chick make the arm sexy?

I know half of you degenerates were checking out that chicks arm a few minutes ago and you would have hit it. That girls arm was a 1 on someone’s binary scale. You know who you are. I want you to spend some time this weekend reflecting on your life and personal preferences this weekend.

It will be okay. We will still be here on Monday. You can always scroll back up to the first pic and pretend like none of this ever happened.



  1. I was reading your description of her body thinking …”Did Boss Hog slip a post in under Brock’s name to really start the sexy belly roll movement?”….had a nilla worried for min.

  2. that was the most terrifying optical illusion ever.

  3. G the Intern says:

    I’m with you Jezus…I was thinking “four pack? What four pack?” I ain’t fall for the okey doke but that was a nice set up…I must now wash my pallet with French Bananas Chick….


    I see Lawry is cool with H8 too. Damn…dude is big big…HA!

    • Haaaaaa. Yo Jezus ain’t letting it go. That shit right there is hilarious though. That lookaway beer sip kills it too. Like he’s gotta get hydrated and liquored up for a night of Elephant hunting.

  5. Forget about the fat arm/body illusion pictures…What’s up with the dude in the back/right of the first pic??

  6. @ Brock

    I wanted to quit…I ain’t wanna drop it, but it was too good to pass up.

  7. Fortunesfool says:
  8. Mike Lawry says:

    @Mr. Hay “Don’t talk about my Daddy” Seus

    I see you still have your panties in a bunch cause Sir Lawry forced you to look at something outside your zone. I know…I know, I had a little disagreement with your Daddy Brock and now you don’t like “that man that keeps coming over.” It’s ok lil man. I’ma do something right here to get in your good graces. I’ll drop six “ones” for you. Might be 7, can’t really see that body on the 7th. 6 “ones” for sure. I already know your favorite will be the blonde second from the left. The punk rockish one next to her with the blue hair is probably not your thing, unless Daddy Brock tells you its your thing, then it will be your thing. Who knows? You liked Lady Boy so I can’t call it. Anyway, here they are, your style, nice n skinny…

  9. Ha!! True. Didn’t mean to call you his father, nor his pops. Just his Daddy.

  10. @ Salty

    You got me bud……way to go.

  11. I was wondering what was goins on when you said 4 pack. I didn’t realize it was an arm but I know a belly roll when i see it. LOL good pic

  12. Good one Brock. But I didn’t fall for it cause that J looks like its sitting right in the middle of her chest. Like she got cyclop titty or something. But how could u not issue a “come on bruh!” To homie in the background of that first pic.

  13. Brock, can you find this chick and do a feature?

    Shout to H8 for giving me comedic material and amazing thickness in the same post!

  14. Naww, I wouldn’t hit dat arm, it looks loose.


    I hate having to compliment you, but dat is a great find. Dat broad does deserve a post, one dat goes indepth, cuz it would be unGodly to go shallow on a divine piece like dat.

    I really hope dat pic ain’t fake.

    And stop frontin on Mike, I know you liked dem mopz. Da blue one probably got a better body than your all your heaux, past and present.

  15. Yo, I never addressed to Black Hobbit in the first pic. He looks like he might have auditioned for Tyrion Lannister the Imp in Game of Thrones. He looks like he has goat legs with the extra hinge in the mid shin. Somehow the gold chain just throws it all over the top in terms of ridiculousness. No one else appears to be at a Halloween party. Damn, retroactive Come on Bruh on that one.

  16. DEAD @ this post. Damn good scrolling Brock