Happy Binary Scale Day! 11/11/11

In celebration of Binary Scale Day I present to you the Us Versus Them Version of 11/11/11. Six 1’s.

Not familiar with the UvT Binary Scale? You might be Team Them and you might have stumbled upon the wrong website. Want to learn about the Binary Scale? Hit that link back there. Welcome to Team Us. We’re glad you found your way home.



  1. This is why you run the best blog in all the lands.

  2. Ian M. Summers says:

    I thought binary scale day was October 10th of last year, but I guess it could be any date consisting entirely of 1’s and 0’s. I guess that makes this the greatest binary scale day ever, since it’s all 1’s.

  3. Jim Browski says:

    LOL!!!! Yo my dude! I read this Friday and was like that was good. I read this shit again and realized i read it wrong. I thought you was saying they was all 1’s because they all have no hips and no ass. But you saying the 1 equals yes. LOL!!! You sure you not April fooling us again?? They pretty but they all super skinny my dude. Too skinny. Like they on crack. Yawl must only care about the face or they get extra points for being white. Maybe I misunderstood. That shit kray!

  4. Itzdatdude says:

    Lol, cot damn Brock, you found some narrow bodied 1’s for Binary scale day. They mos definitely shaped like da number 1. I can’t help but see 11-11-11 in dat pic, lol.

    It’s all good though. I went ahead and provided a little summin summin below to help correct da thickness imbalance.

    {http://bit.ly/upHon6}, {http://bit.ly/ssf2kY}, {http://bit.ly/vO0TZ5}. Those two right there have enough thickety to make up for what all six in da above pix lack.

    Happy belated binary scale day.

    • It is so hard to find pictures with 6 reasonable looking girls in one shot I had to roll with what I had. I will say, I think they went a little slimmer when I dropped them into the site. Like when you are faking HD on your TV and the picture just gets compressed. They do look slim as hell. I’ma have to make it up to you. It is hard to find six good looking chicks so we might have to pretend it is 11/10/01 out here. Haaaaaa.

      Side note, for anyone who doesn’t know…NEVER click on an Itz link if you are in a compromising situation. Assume any Itz link is a full blown 6 on the UvT NSFW scale.

  5. Itzdatdude says:

    I just realized me and Jim said pretty much da same thing. I should have read da comments first, lol. Ahh well, great minds think alike.

  6. Now this right here is the perfect illustration of the area of our circles that don’t over lap. There’s something slightly redeemable about most of these chicks but for the most part…awful. Six bottle of Lawry’s Salt right there. The first one has the face of Conan’s lady in the first Conan the Barbarian. Here body, however, looks like Conan’s sword from the first Conan the Barbarian. The second one is short but sweet. We can meet in the middle here. she’s pretty and there might be some hidden curvature there. Maybe. Can’t fully see as she is partially hidden behind the two other “ones”. The third one has the chest of a 12 year old boy. I believe she’s a man. For real. Her face is rough. “She’s the big bad wolf in the neighborhood, she’s bad meaning bad not bad meaning good! chewychewychewychewyscratchhhh!” The fourth one just reminds me of Cher for all the wrong reasons. She literally looks like the number “1” and those straps on here calves remind of being a kid and taking the pole from the mop or broom, wrapping tape around the bottom of it, grabbing a tennis ball and there you have it, Stickball. Yep. She’s s Stickball stick. The 5th one has a dirty trailer trash face. Tea Party member for sho. She does have a rack though. But her lack of side curves makes her look like Sponge Bob Square Pants. No thanks. The sixth and last one is very pretty. Looks like she’s working with a decent chest set. They compensate from her lack of sides. She’s ok.

    Mike’s Scorecard
    1. Conan’s Sword – 0
    2. Short n Sweet – 1
    3. Lady Boy – 0
    4. Stickball Stick – 0
    5. Sponge Rack Square Hips – 0
    6. Pretty Chest Set – 1


    My boy saw this before me and sent me a text that said “I see nothing but long camel twat. I need more than that.” Didn’t realize till this morning he was talking about this pic. It’s all good. preferences are preferences. Seeing how excited Mr. Hayseus got over seeing these “0nes” now I understand why he was so mad at my Elephant Hunting post. HAAA!!!!!

  7. @ Lawry

    Nah, just saying….dude dropped the binary day post on 11-11-11….clever.

    I mean, all bullshit aside, if these becky’s was up for smanging I would, and by the way you was all turnt up for an avg faced fat chick, you would too. Regardless of your lil 010001

  8. Ian M. Summers says:

    There are definitely 1’s out there more suited to the UvT crowd. However in Brock’s defense, he had to get 6 of them up there in one photo. Can you imagine if he tried to post a picture with six of those fatties Lawry likes? Probably take up the whole damn front page.

    • @Ian I’d definitely have to change the whole banner for a Mike Lawry Binary Day special. He’d have to buy ad space. Pay for a site takeover. Sponsored by Lane Bryant.

  9. i knew better than to click on some Itz pics…this nicca about to get me fired. he don’t understand the UvT NSFW scale for shit

  10. @Mr. J –

    Brock’s 11-11-11…more than clever, genious. But listen man, 010001. I’d hit the second, and the sixth. All you are saying is that your boy Mike has had more options in my life than you. I’ve turned down the rest before playa. Even if I did hit a pretty faced thick chick on occasion, my average is still high.


    Ha! Perhaps. Problem is you can also fit 6 more of these same chicks in THIS picture. 6 of the “fatties” I like might take up the whole page, but nothing wrong with that. Here’s 4 “fatties” I like. Two more would be so right…


  11. @Itz – just replaced my old screen saver that you posted with pic #3 of your new pics. That the types of thick “ones” that I need in my life. Outstanding!

  12. @Mike

    Dat scoreboard is pretty accurate, lol. The only thing is dat I hit a broad in college dat sort of reminds me of “Stickball stick”. She was damn near feral wit da sexin, so for dat reason I can’t help but give “Stickball stick” dat 1.

    Also those pics I put up are mean, Check ’em out.


    I still think you need to hit at least one extra thick female shaped like da ones in my links or like da ones Lawry posted. I got a feeling you would change your tune. When it comes to da broads sometimes you gotta throw your preferences out for at least a night. I love women wit curves, but I would still smang a stick figure female if da swag is on point. As long as broad is cute enough in da face, hygenical, smells good and willing, I sayz play ball. You got do it, if not for yourself, then for UVT so you understand what all da hype is about.

  13. G the Intern says:

    I think all y’all saying you WOULDN’T hit these are either lying or GAY! C’mon son! Just cuz you HAVE turned them away before doesn’t mean you wouldn’t smang under any circumstances. If you can find a reasonable circumstance under which you’d smang, she’s a 1 plain and simple. We’re not talking about last woman on earth kinds of circumstances either. Any of yall could tell your boys that you smanged any of these chicks and keep your head held high. That in itself makes them worthy of the 11-11-11 label. Fukaddahere with the rest of that BS! LOL!!!

    Good stuff Brock!

  14. @ Mike “Hoggin” Lawry

    Options eh?

    Considering the facts that the majority of Americans are obese, and you can find at least 1 buffet in every city I am sure you have all kinds of “options”.

  15. Itzdatdude says:


    Ha! aight.

    ( Note: My comment telling you to check my links was posted before I read your last comment.)

    So yea, I knew you would like those joints.


    Sorry bout dat, but never worry, my pics can only get niccas promotions and of course, a raise, lol.

  16. UvT is way ahead of its time… i fully expect to see the term “binary scale” used for chicas elsewhere in the near future… sort of like when you knew the term epic was dead when disney started using it for mickey movies

  17. Mike Lawry says:

    HAAA!!!!! Some of you cats remind me of the rioters up at Penn State mad that anybody could ever feel Joe Pa is wrong. You say one thing that against your idol and out come the Mariah Carey emotional cats. Too funny.

    @Hay “El Desperado” Seus – You can also find a mop in each one of those American city buffets. Just turn that sumbich upside down, write on the side “I’m 16 years old” and it sounds like a Hay Seus fantasy choice numero uno on match.com. If you like blonds, they have brooms too. You too have all kinds of “options”.

    @G the Intern – Neither lying nor gay am I playboy. When you have options, you see the world a little differently. Know what I mean? No? Take my word for it. Look man, there has to be something you won’t negotiate on. For some, she has to have a decent face, for others, racks. For me, she can’t look like someone literally ate her ass…off. Only exception I ever made was when I went to Hong Kong. And that’s because there were two of them.

  18. Mike Lawry says:

    @Brock “I will say, I think they went a little slimmer when I dropped them into the site.” HAAA!!!! You ain’t like homey, you ain’t lie. And hell is a little hot.

  19. im sorry but number three looks like a man and if this is an accurate description of what you think is hot then im so sad for you aint nothing up there that i would go a lil lesbian for

  20. @ Boss Hog

    We have had this discussion before. I got no problem with curves…check the Madnass Bracket for my submissions. I love curves, but I have also dropped a razor edged hipster in my day. Some people come on here and say this isn’t or this is a 1 for them, Itz drops pics of his 1’s daily it seems so you get a good idea what he would blast in a min. Ian seems to have some standards and that is respectable. You on the other hand dropped a fat girl post. Hell, FRONT PAGED her big ass. Said your circle was O and your boys was o. Let the whole world know, “My name is Mike Lawry and I will sex a fattie quick!” Now Brock drops a picture of 6 1’s and you on here talking bout “uhnt uh”….matter of fact I seent you at the club this past weekend:


    On here acting like you would blaze these ladies…….stop it

    @ Brock

    The picture does look compressed some how. The girls look far away in it, like it was shrunk to fit something.

  21. Mike Lawry says:

    Mr Popeye

    We already know what you like…..whatever Brock tells you to like. First, everything was perfect. “This is why you the best blogga in the universe.” Then Brock says its hard to find 6 nice “ones” in one pic and that when he dropped the pic in, it stretched. They looked better in the real pic. Then all of a sudden you come with “yeah, pic looks compressed. The pic was shrunk to fit them”. No nicca! The pic was stretched that’s why they all look like Olive Oil. That’s what he was saying.

    Itz co-signed Tara btw. But I know. You don’t want it with him. You’re runner up commenter of the year. I get it.

    Who knows what you really like. Now you like skinny Olive Oils. Last week you were asking me about 16 year old girl. Whatever man. Like I said then, your business, but keep yapping, I’ll have to report you like Mike McQueary shouldve done.

    Btw. I saw you in the club too…err, Chucky Cheese I mean. Caught a pic of u on a young slimster.



  22. lol naw brock im not still mad confused because im used to you giving me the hotness if i gots to look at the half naked chicks at least let her be sexy let me get some pleasure out of it but those chicks anhtttttt def fail and mr jesuz showed he obviously lacks taste because he liked it i dont even do girls and i got better taste than that and for the record if i did do girls i bet i could pull a better quality than him

  23. Ur right…midday sauce got my description wrong, congrats on catching it. Oh and I don’t give a shit what Itz cosigned either. Datnicca does his thang, I’ll do mine.

    I have a pretty broad spectrum as to what I like, heifers just aren’t in it. If it comes down to any of these chicks or Mrs. Moby Dick, I am rolling with any of these…..any of em.

  24. Mike Lawry says:

    …and I’ll do mine.

    Cool. glad to know it. They took down the picture of you and your date at Chuck E. Cheese that I had up before but I found it again.


    I’m done. I’ll check in with you from time to time to see if you’ve stepped up. Might even send one of my chicks your way to see how serious you are about your stick figures…


    Just what I thought.

  25. @Brock thanks for the clarification on the skinniness of the 1s. I doubt any of them have uvt approved tail or the triple tuck which we all aspire to have. In the simplicity of the binary scale I agree with G they are 1s.

    @Mike I didn’t get a chance to comment about your Tara post (hemmed up at work where McAfee keeps blocking UvT) I think one of the biggest things those who were hating on her didn’t factor is proportions. Her abs in general are flat enough and her hips are wide enough for hourglass family so I get your circle. The abs and hips which can create muffin top on even thin women is way worse.

    I hope all the guys who are so unforgiving regarding the circle are keeping it tight. Men are quick to judge women but at least women may gain weigh in breasts, ass, thighs which can be desirable. You dudes don’t have much room for error unless you find a women who is into that who soft bodied look or stacking papers for the ones whose binary scale is based on $.

  26. This argument between Jezus and Mike is funny. Let Itz show you how I do and maybe this will clear up some thangs.

    The extra thick or rather chubby, fluffy broads come in all shapes and sizes. I would choose based on body shape. I never messed wit land beasts, so gargantuan broadz like this,{http://bit.ly/bwcpVE}, were negated from jump.

    Peep da zamples below. I’m gonna just use white gurls to keep it simple.

    Here are da “Fuck Nawws!!”





    Here are da 1’s dat would turn me into Captain Baha (FYI: Captain Ahab hunted a big ass sperm whale. Datdude don’t swing like dat, so I had to switch it up. I’ll leave “Moby Dick” to da Hey Seuss types.)








    I’m not 100% sure, but I think your taste is about da same as mine when it comes to da extra thickz. So you got to agree with the above.


    If you don’t agree, you are every bit the unholy homo I figured you for.

  27. Itz. Listen man. You can be 100% sure. I AM WITH YOU WHEN YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!!! And these pics are right! Also with you on the “Fuck Nawws”. Those fall outside the circle of trust.

  28. Ian M. Summers says:

    @ Itz

    I think using the term “fatties” to fuck with Mr. Lawry has given you an inaccurate perception of my taste. Check the record sir, I like em well filled out, but like you, skinny is good too. I just kind of like chicks in general. Tall ones, short ones, dumb, redhead, skinny, aggressive, blonde, laid back, smart, curvy….whatever so long as they’re not mean. I can’t stand bitchy chicks.

  29. Itzdatdude says:


    Okay, word up.


    Sorry ’bout dat, I must have misunderstood, my mistake. Non-bitchy chicks can get kinda big though, so I’m actually interested to see the biggest you would go. You should drop a pic link and let Us know.

  30. @ Itz

    I feel you on them 1’s. The last link didn’t load but if she was on par with the other’s I am comfortable in saying I can cosign em all. My taste isn’t much different than yours. I prefer a lil meat on dem bones, but I don’t discriminate on skinny chicks…..just fatties.

  31. @Jezus

    Thank God . You’re still an unholy homo though.

    And below is another pic link of da same girl from da last link dat didn’t load. I couldn’t find da same pic from before but this new one should suffice.

    http://bit.ly/t9shDd – Da tats are bullshit, but da extra insulation got her meated down right, so it works out.

    Also since you are the only person on here dat I know of dat watches, “The League”, I gotta ask while I remember, How you like Ruxin’s brother in-law, Rafi? In my opinion, dat fool is one of da illest, most brilliant characters ever created on a comedy tv-show, lol.

  32. Ian M. Summers says:

    I don’t know Itz I never though about it. I usually just kind of play it by ear. I.e. I don’t really have a hard and fast rule regarding “how big is the biggest I would go”. Perhaps I should make one…it could keep me out of trouble.

    • @Ian You definitely need a predetermined backstop. I know you are a self proclaimed “take one for the team” and wingman specialist but staying out of trouble is like having a great jump shot. When everything else goes to hell and you are sloppy drunk you have to rely on body memory to get you through. it has to be deeply engrained.

  33. That show is hands down one of the best on TV. The fantasy football takes a backseat to the ridiculousness that goes on weekly. Imma have to cosign dat opinion on Rafi……dude is like an updated bruh-man but all turnt up.

  34. Ian M. Summers says:

    See Brock, I never proclaimed myself that though. I definitely didn’t use the quoted words. I’m nit-picking, because it’s probably a fair description, but still.

    Also, that was interesting analogy. Pretty good, except basketball is a team game. Picking up women is more like a 50 man game of 21. It’s a fucking mess out there and sure, you have your boys that came to the court with you, but at the end of the day it is still every man for himself. I’m gonna flip it and say that the borderline chick is kind of the jump shot in her own way. You have your first choice as far as what you’re trying to do (i.e. the girl who is probably out of your league), you attempt to penetrate, and get shut down. What do you do? Dish it to your team mate? That’s a fine option. Perhaps he will score, but that doesn’t really help your cause. Better idea, pull up for the jump shot. This is where the marginal-decision chick comes into play.