Man Up Monday: Scottie Pippen

In “whooooa playa, we didn’t ask you that” news, Scottie Pippen decided to chime in on the always popular greatest player ever debate. Scottie Pippen was on the Mike and Mike show and said that Michael Jordan may be the best scorer ever, but Lebron James may be the best all around player ever.

I know LeBron has really taken over for the Miami Heat in the last few weeks, I know LeBron is a genetic freak, I know LeBron is finally playing some nasty defense, but Scottie might be a little premature on this one. Now I don’t know if Scottie didn’t get much chance to run back game film because he was actually on the court with Jordan, but if I can recall the mid 90’s Jordan was the nastiest dude on the court for the better part of a decade. I’m not going to say the Bulls would have won 8 straight if MJ hadn’t taken his baseball break, but it sure looks like it. Meanwhile LeBron is like the chick you have sex with knowing she isn’t the one…no ring.

The real problem is Scottie just comes off looking bitter. Where is the loyalty? Didn’t he and Jordan work for 6 rings? Didn’t MJ get Scottie on the list for the top 50 players of all time. Didn’t having the best player of all time on the court with him let Scottie get loose for 8 or 9 years? Doesn’t that count for anything? Apparently not. That made me wonder, why is Scottie so bitter? Is it because MJ is rolling in the millions from the Jordan Brand and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats while Scottie Pippen is “Special Liaison in charge of reminding people when we could win championships” for the Chicago Bulls? Is it because Scottie ended up on one of Gary Coleman’s final projects “Midget Mascots”?

That is Gary Coleman over there rocking shorts over sweatpants by the way, and as bad as this looks in a still picture, it is even worse in motion when Gary clocks Scottie with the phone. I covered this about a year ago, but it is worth running back.

That might be the best “WTF” moment ever. I know Mike did Space Jam, but that was a much higher quality film then Midget Mascots.

So we asked Mike what he thought about the comment. Jordan really ran the full gamut of emotions. He actually went through all 5 stages of grief when he heard the news.





and finally, “Fool if you don’t stop talking junk, I’m gonna choke the shit out of you”:

The real reason Scottie is getting the Man Up Treatment is because he started to backpedal after the issue blew up. Scottie is now claiming that he was saying he could see LeBron being the best one day based on his skills and physical ability. Sure, I like watching LeBron truck through people like a Tight End too, but that doesn’t mean he can hold his own with MJ yet. Jordan had a nasty flu and still scored 38 on the Utah Jazz in the Finals. LeBron said he had a cold last week and was talking about it. I don’t bring up the fact I have a cold when I go to work, and I’m not a world class athlete.

So Scottie Pippen, you just look bitter. You look like you are trying to make up for two decades of people thinking you were #2 by trying to take down the greatest of all time. It just doesn’t look good Scottie. There are certain things you just don’t debate, this is one of them. Next week, Scottie Pippen is going to try to convince everyone bacon isn’t delicious. He’s going to be wrong then too.

Scottie Pippen, MAN UP!







  1. Jville78 says:

    They don’t even say Kobe is better than Jordan and that fool has been copying Jordan his whole career. I think Pippen got some screws knocked loose when they kept doing take after take of that midget busted his head with that phone. But everyone needs to come off the “so and so is the next or better than Jordan” talk fo real. There will never be another Michael Jordan. Hell ask his son that. He got the bloodline and still couldnt achieve what his dad did. But u know hes getting pussy off that last name..Do u see any other player with a clothing or shoe line that will be as relevant as Jordan 25 years from now besides Jordan? Nope. Whatever happen to that lifetime Reebok contract that Iverson was suppose to have? I hardly see anybody rocking Kobe or Lebron gear beyond a jersey. I can’t picture anybody with a closet full of their shoes either like people do with J’s. Im kind of surprised more by Pippen backtracking than anything. That’s what I always like about the players of that era. They pretty did whatever and said whatever but they were pros on the court and they backed up what they said. Jordan would be out all night gambling and still show up and dare somebody he could make a free throw with his eyes closed in the middle of a game. If jordan was in Kobe position last season having won his 5th championship and 2nd straight and that whole Miami celebration to introduce Bosh, Wade, and James. U know Jordan would’ve been at home feeling disrespected as being the reigning champion and he would have let it be known that he was gunning for them and the things is Miami wouldn’t be able to stop it like nobody else could. . Barkley was throwing motherfuckers out of windows and he wouldn’t backpedal from nothing and he still doesn’t. Pipppen is starting to sound like the players today not standing behind what they initially say.

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    No one will ever be able to put anyone over Jordan or there will be complaining, but I think what Scottie meant was that Bron can play 4 spots on the court effectively every night and depending on the opponent play all 5. There are probably only a few guys who Bron can’t cover, mostly the 6’11 and up guys, (that said, I bet he gives Dirk hell in them finals). In CLE he had to do it all. That shit of not being able to close games out was just that, shit. Dude was worn out from carring Sideshow Bob and the mom smanger while making Mo an All-Star. I mean think about that, Bron left….they lost 60 games. 1 Dude is a +40 in the W column?

    People say Kobe is better than Bron too. Yet he sat the pine, or played marginally in his first 3 years in the league. Wasn’t the man when Shaq was there, then couldn’t do what Bron did with scrubs so they had to go get Pau/Lamar/Artest to help out. Bron came in and avg 20 pts/5 boards/2 steals…@ 18 years old. 27 ppg @ 19 and 31 ppg @ 20.

    Dude just locked down, and I mean LOCKED down the MVP/fastest dude in the league, like it was nothing. I was a lil put offf by his jumping to the heat, but it started to make sense as the year went on. Every great player had his cast of stars around him, Bron has his. It’s about to get real ugly for the rest of the league.

  3. Slick Jefferson says:

    Scottie Pippen has the most penile nose of any famous person.

  4. argentreivich says:

    Completely agree with you on that one.

    But MJ should def get the MAN UP treatment too. I mean Hitler called and said he wants his ‘stache back. that shit is an embarrassement to all black people everywhere.

  5. Itzdatdude says:

    I know three things this morning. Pippen trippin. Midget Mascots looks like some fine cinema. And never buy weed from a nucca called Flip Major if you find yourself chillin in Atlantic City for a Memorial Day Weekend.

    Well, now on to more important thangz. It’s da last day of Asian Appreciation month, so for da grand finale of thick ass Asian gurl pics, I’ll hit youz with Six Sextravagant NSFW photHoez.

    Sayonara niccaz.

  6. sweetsexy says:

    man scottie is smoking that real extra good crack with that one ..but the problem is too many people hypin ole lebron head up making him think that is the truth i had a 30 minute argument ( minutes i wish i could get back) with a dude who just knew scottie was speaking the gospel and was actually better than MJ i had to pull out some baby powder and slap some sense back into dude. no one (including kobe who i have fond affection for being a laker fan and all) ..can come close to being the all around talent mj was and be a money making genious after all these years men buy draws cuz jordan said so… so ummmmmm scottie = fail

  7. @Itzdatdude:

    Bless you…