The Knicks Dancer Eye Test

This Picture was too good to pass up.

Knicks Dancers must be like looking directly into the sun because Lorne Michaels and Jimmy Fallon are looking everywhere but at the young lady in front of them.

The best part of this picture is actually the dancer herself. She is really trying to put it on em too. I believe she is demonstrating a proper defensive stance there. She is also apparently a Waka Flocka fan as she decided to do it with No Hands.

VIA MRod who had a much more reserved commentary on this picture.



  1. It looks like she’s trying to execute a hadouken with her jj.

  2. Itzdatdude says:

    I think dats either Brittany or Christine. I know my Knicks cheerleaders by how their asses move. I can’t say fo sho who it is from this still picture though. I might need a gif.

    Now on to deez non focused foolz.
    They might as well look. We men need to take back our ballz and stop worrying about what this feminist ass world says when we do man shit. If da girlfriend or wifey have a problem just ignore their hormonal asses and keep doing what you got to do. Deez nillaz need to learn how to wear da cot damn pants in their situations.

    I look when I feelz like it and dare my gurl to say summin.

    *Fingers crossed dat she doesn’t read this comment*

  3. I like the guy behind Lorne Michaels …he is lookin’ alright..dude is like i wonder how much dat azz would cost if it all came down to it…his snear is almost evil like.