Chris Bosh In A Nutshell

Chris Bosh decided to do a little performance art to summarize his status here at UvT. It is an amazing piece of work. He summarizes himself in a mere 20 seconds. It is a silent expression of himself and everything he has to offer.

Wait, I must let the art speak for itself.




Violation of a prohibition on Hate Speech? Really Youtube? Because someone tagged it “gay”?

—————–UPDATE to the UPDATE——————-

Can’t be stopped bitches! New link up top!


  1. youtube took this shit down already, didn’t get to see it. Anywhere else this video can be seen??

  2. soon as he started tappin’ that mic I lost it! lol

  3. gay or not, who the fuck cares? dude can play.

  4. Itzdatdude says:

    You seent da way dat nicca mic checked, wat da fuck, smh and lol.
    I don’t know whether or not Bosh is gay but I’m pretty damn sure his limp ass wrists are all homo.

    I didn’t expect a post to be dropped so soon. Even whilst West coastin you managin to get on ya job. Aight, I ain’t mad @cha.

  5. Slick Jefferson says:

    Tap, tap, tap. Bosh could sub in as the power forward in Men on Film if In Living Colour was still on the air.

  6. Rosy_F says:

    Wow..he fascinates me. Assuming he is straight and thinks there are some people who exhibit mannerisms that the casual observer might perceive as effeminate and/or possibly gay, I would be genuinely curious to know what he considers that wrist movement. Maybe he is ushering an era of straight men who are flamboyant…which I guess is the next step after metrosexual.

  7. Cicely says:

    Hey folk! Tax Season is over an now I can partake in life’s pleasures again. I was already questioning him for the walk and that tight azz out of season sweater a la T.O.-like sweater, but the mic tap was the icing and the cherry and that cake. LMAO priceless.

  8. Pause.

  9. The more I look at this, the more I think he’s about to smack his lips next!

  10. sweetsexy says:

    all wrong and extra zesty that mic check was just terrible if he aint gay yet he well on his way

  11. ok, just checked this video out again and yes… it’s still funny. I just want to say to him, “Chris, that door in front of you? Just open it and come the fack out and solidify your status on Team Them!”