The Heat Are Drowning Their Sorrows in Their Own Tears

The Miami Heat are having three different seasons down in South Beach. At the beginning they weren’t quite living up to everyone’s expectations.  Then they beat the hell out of Cleveland and went on a crazy win streak. Now they are on a five game losing streak and crying.

Anyone who has been following sports has heard about crying in sports over and over again for the last 48 hours, so I won’t bore you. But there is a crisis in Miami. They just lost their fifth straight game to the freaking Blazers who are missing 2 of their best players.  Forget whether they have heart, or if the care about the games, or if they have the right chemistry. These dudes can’t win games right now. It really just boils down to the fact that Lebron and Wade are made to wear the white hats.  They were built to be good guys. They tried on the black hats and couldn’t handle it.

I have a feeling this picture is destined to be a UvT Classic. Bron and Wade see a fail tail, the response to every come on bruh ever, See no evil, “The Heat are even bad at hide and seek”…I’ve got jokes for this all day.

Awwww, now see, with all these white hat and black hat references, Chris Bosh was feeling left out.

Fine Chris, you can wear your brown hat…and leather vest…if it makes you feel like a part of the discussion I guess that is fine. It isn’t getting you off of Team Them though. In fact, it makes it worse.



  1. Camelot says:

    Nigga, that pic is priceless. Both them cats crying???

    and Bosh is a fruit fag, case been closed.

  2. Chris Bosh fell off when he stopped following me on Twitter. Coincidence? I think not.

  3. Itzdatdude says:

    Look at deez sad ass niccaz, lol.

    High expectations is damn sure a bitch and they just got theirs put to sleep.
    So I guess datz why they up there looking like their dog just died.

  4. Itzdatdude says:

    If you wanna see Lebron cry and da reasons why, Check da link out below.


  5. Cali Mike says:


    haha that’s stupid funny! U see someone in the youtube comments put “cryami heat”? I dont think that was the team nickname they was hoping for….

  6. @Itz – that is pure comedy!!
    oh, and Brock I already kno the next Man up Monday will be for Sweater Vest.

  7. Mr. Jezus says:


    Bron and dem boys just bounced da Lakers.

    Ain’t no crying in da MIA tonight.