Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I have to keep it real on this one. Duke with Kyrie Irving was ready to run the table and win those back to back championships.  But now, we had a chance to win the ACC championship by beating the damn Carolina Tarheels. What did we do instead? Catch a beatdown.  It was terrible, wire to wire, terrible. Kyle, the dribble drive isn’t getting it done, neither is that outside shot. You are KILLING us dude.

Pissed. Duke. Man Up, the time is now. DO NOT lose to a BS team in that ACC tourney. Kyrie, we need you back homey.

By the way, there might be some troubles in Miami.

Four losses in a row? The Heat are falling apart when it counts. That sucks fellas. Get it together. Man Up.



  1. Be On It says:

    Hahahaha, too bad for the dookies. That nickname sux by the way.

    And the heat ain’t hot. That avatar looking dude creeps me out, especially with his affinity for really short chicks (why do extra tall dudes like miniature women? seems kinda pedobear to me). And Wade is crosseyed. Me no likey. I used to love Lebron, but then he started speaking more in interviews, and I decided to take my bandwagon fandom to … well, I put it on the shelf since my patience for bball is quite tempermental.

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    @ Be

    Short chic = small hands. Bosh might be swangin dat Amar’e.

    How bout a man up to h8. Akin to busy to drop J’s and random foolishness