Team Us Comes Through in the Clutch

I don’t like to talk about how great it is to be the spiritual leader of Team Us, but dammit sometimes you surprise me and bring a tear to my eye.  A few weeks ago I hit you with a few pics I found on the internet and we found this chick.

This is pretty much as good as bathroom cellphone pics get.  But then there was some controversy about whether or not this was photoshopped.  We were talking about lopsided light switches, conspiracy theories, grassy knolls, and she was declared a fake.  But then one of the members of Team Us “Ain’t No Thang” hit me with a hell of a piece of investigative reporting.  I don’t know what Google search pulls up PAWG pics of this particular chick without a name, but dammit if he didn’t do it.  She’s back and apparently a professional bathroom mirror underwear model.

I guess she was doing a little cleaning up and thought her as was in prime form and wanted to share it with the world.  I can’t say I disagree.  I’m always a little wary when someone goes to such an unnatural pose that maximizes her waist to tail ratio, but I’m willing to do a little more research.

Same bathroom, different angle and I haven’t checked for photoshop artifacts because if that ass is wrong I don’t want to be right.  Her waist really does appear to be that small, and that tail appears to be authentic.  I just appreciate the fact that she’s willing to share her gifts with the world.

Is it wrong that this is the first time I’ve noticed she’s got a J game?  Once again, I don’t want to assume this is the one angle that works for her.  But the fact that the bottom half of her body is giving me an angle 2.5 while the top half of her body is at 1.8 calls it all into question.  But Ain’t No Thang wasn’t done.  He wanted to make sure he didn’t leave Team Us without the money shot.

I know, I know.  Brock, how do you know that is her?  No face, no light switch, no cabinets in the background, what is the proper assthentication process for verifying that tail piece.  I can’t.  I’m going to let someone else tell me that the doorknob was sourced in the Fluffy Tail region of the Lower Assiatic where there is a tribe of blondes of Africanic heritage who are all issued iPhones on their 16th birthday as part of their womanhood ceremony.  All I know is I like what I see, Team Us is the best ever, and I had to share this with the people.

While you are all at it, please find me the Hoopz sex tape, some vintage Christina Milian nude pics, the chick in this post, and some updates on Amanda Cicchini.

That would be great.



  1. G The Intern says:

    LOL @ the additional requests….Is this the Q4 unofficial Whooty post? Great investigative reporting! Put ANT on the payroll!

  2. Itzdatdude says:

    First and foremost propz to Ain’t No Thing for deez extra, pictorical cures for erectile dysfunction.

    Babygurl looks to be da truth. Her body and da residual weed brings to mind da old old school Batman tv series starring Adam west dat I watched on youtube a while back. Da lady lumps going off like dat show’s fight scenes, cuz she hitting you wit da KaPow, then da Powie and then da Kapowie! Allz you’re inner jHOEker can say after dat is “Holy shit, look at my Bat, man!”

    Also my Lion-o sight beyond sight sword tells me dat there is a chance sweetheart may be one of those latina off-whitez… something bout da face. Trust, I know a thang or two bout da mamiz.

  3. Ha ha ha ha, he seriously went on search to prove this chick is authentic? Then lengths dudes will go for some tail (that they can’t even touch)…

  4. Boombastic says:

    Alright I have been going to this website for about a year now and never commented, but as my duty as Team Us i must enlighten my brethren. That is none other but p0rnstar Riley Steele. She was in that turrible yet hilarious movie Piranhas.

    I feel like I might contributed to a lot of carpel tunnel syndrome.

  5. Itzdatdude says:

    So its pornstar Riley steele… well maybe I was wrong about a couple things, lol. N whoever disliked my comment is a gottdamn liar, you know you love me. I have an idea who it might Be, lol.

  6. Slow clap……

    Das a winner, regardless of her sperm intake.


    Way to go fella. You saved your first post to name a skeez. Less us know zackly what you do in your spare time. HA!

    @ Be

    Somebody might could touch it one day…..the shelf life of these broads is not very high. Less say Ain’t is in Vegas on holiday. Ole Riley gains 15lbs and ain’t catchin parts no mo. So Ain’t drops a lil extra at the Ranch and gets to slay da beast. See, it’s feasible…..

    good luck Ain’t!

  7. Kneegrow please, words are my weapon of choice

  8. Boombastic says:


    I’ve actually never seen anything with her. It’s just she was on h8torade as the random hottie.

  9. LOL I luv it! Just think of what Team Us could solve for the world wit azz as motivation? Obama shoul dlook into this plan.

  10. Been reading the blog for a long while. Never took the time to post though. So, as my first post I want to drop a bomb on ya. Her name is Riley Steele. Have fun with your searches. Shes a professional!

  11. Bah! thats what I get for not reading everything. My eyes were stuck on the pics. Boom Had it down before me. Cheers

  12. Thank you..that is all I really gotta say…work was looking real shitty…I feel ok now. We need somethin like this every Monday…