Man Up Monday: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a bad, bad man.  He lives in the woods of Minnesota.  He has his own gym in the woods so he can work out.  I used to think the heavyweight division was an unlimited weight class, for everyone above 205, but the top end is actually 265.  Brock has to cut weight to make that limit.  He walks around at 285-ish and it is all muscle.  He’s a former NCAA wrestling champ, he has the best first name in the business, and his gloves are XXXXL.  That makes him a scary dude.

The UFC even started marketing him as “the baddest man on the planet”.  And looking at him, you would believe it.  There isn’t anyone stronger, faster, bigger, or more intimidating in the sport.  He even whooped Hulk Hogan’s ass.

But that is why you’ve gotta love the UFC.  With all of that going for him and even a solid playoff beard working, he caught a serious ass whoopin at the hands of Cain Velasquez on Saturday night.

I’m talking about a beatdown.  I don’t know exactly when he caught the blow that took his legs out from under him, it looked like a really short left, but Brock never got right after that.

People didn’t know what to do.  I was actually thinking the heavyweight division was going to be locked up for a while.  All the dudes who Brock beat down over the last two years are going to be lining up for another shot at the belt.  So I guess he’s not the baddest man on the planet anymore.  Here’s another reason UFC is not like boxing.  In Boxing there is usually one or two other decent guys in your weight class who can give you a run.  Even then, the champ isn’t going to get surprised too often. In MMA, anything can happen at any time.  If you really want to be entertained after a Championship match, watch Dana White in the background while he is holding the belt.  He loves to hand the belt over to fighters he likes or after a good fight.  Like GSP?  He loves to throw the belt back on that dude.  After the Spider Silva fight a few months ago when Anderson Silva danced around the ring for 5 rounds, Dana didn’t even step into the ring to give him his belt back.  After this one, Dana was so distracted by his money man and the bleeding marketing machine that was still sitting in the corner after his beatdown that Dana could barely pay attention long enough to give the belt to Cain Velasquez.  Right after he put the belt on Cain he went right back to start talking to Brock’s entourage.

In other Man Up news, Tito Ortiz further proved he was over the hill, but at least he knows what he needs to do to keep the money flowing.

The best moment of the night had to happen after the fight.  Now I’m sure the Undertaker is a bad man.  I’m sure he’s a really tough guy.  But he’s been in wrasslin since 89 and has 20+ years clocked on his body.  You’ve got to love the fact that he still wants to go with a dude who was the baddest man on the planet only 15 minutes before they ran into each other.

You gotta love how a dude who is essentially a physical actor who plays a tough guy on TV will still give it a go with Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar, Man Up! They are going to let you blow up some up and coming fighter before giving you the title shot again.  Use the opportunity wisely.

-Brock (The one who didn’t catch an asswhoopin this weekend.)


To prove my point, the always incredible Fightlinker dropped this clip of Dana after the fight.  I’m telling you, watching Dana is half the fun.

That look says, “how the fack am I gonna market a guy who has “Brown Pride” tattooed across his chest?”.


  1. Lesnar can’t beat Mexicans,he lost to the late Eddie Guerrero now a lost to Cain Velasquez. smh

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    @ JR

    Either this is Jim Ross or you likes you some rasslin!

    Brock will be fine. There are a couple guys that will give him trouble, Cain/Dos Santos and maybe even Mir in the future but he is just to much for most guys to handle… homo.

  3. Dana is mad about the exact thing that makes UFC superior to boxing… You can’t hide because someone is gonna whoop your ass thoroughly!! Brock Lesnar was a decent fighter that had a little bit of Mike Tyson intimidation working and Cain V wasn’t skerred!!