Man Up Monday: New York Knicks

The New York Knicks already got the Man Up Monday treatment back in 2008 when they cleared out their entire roster to with the LeBron James sweepstakes.  We all know how that turned out.

Sure, the Knicks got Amare Staudemire in the Free Agency bonanza of 2010, but they didn’t get much else.  If they are able to pull Carmelo and CP3 next year, they might be working with something, but at this point and after seeing what happened this summer after they pulled out all the stops, I can only file that possibility under “You know good and got damn well that shit ain’t going down” for the time being.  For the last few years, the Knicks have been selling hope like they were in charge of the Obama campaign.  But now they are just going to the bizarre.  The Knicks just hired Isiah Thomas as a consultant to help them with player talent.

Even Isiah didn’t get that one.  Are we talking about the same Isiah that paid Eddy Curry a brohillion dollars?  Or the one who left the Knicks with a $20-25 million a year Stephon Marbury rotting on the bench while he was stacking chips?

Yeah, that picture was taken while Steph was on the Knicks bench.  They had complete control of that situation.  I think Marbury was looking at Mike D’Antoni thinking “Will you shut the hell up while I take this call?”

Oh yeah, and there is also this:

Isiah got popped for an $11.6 million sexual harassment suit that forced him to leave the Knicks.  That is the employment equivalent of bombing the place as you walk out the door.  What the hell is going on here?  Remember when everyone heard Isiah was involved before LeBron’s Decision?  You saw how that turned out right?  What exactly is supposed to be better now?  Did Isiah take the sexual harassment bullet for the Knicks owner or something?

Maybe the Knicks are still paying the dude under some contract that would involve the loss of souls if it was broken so they feel like they might as well use him for something.  I just hope they have the dude on a one way phone line so he can’t actually call anyone in the building.  Isiah is gonna cost the Knicks money if he just looks at an ass.

This has debacle written all over it.

New York Knicks…Man Up.



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    @ Itz

    I told you not to fuck with me……

  2. Ian M. Summers says:

    I think they brought him back to actually play the point. They probably figure he’s still got more juice than any of those other bums they’re sending out there, even at 50.

  3. Itzdatdude says:

    Itz is finally back from his vacation. It was scant, but still tight, so you know I hit dat vakay hoe like a champ. With dat being said, let me give you a moment to bask in da overwhelming excitement…………………………………. aight den back to bizness.

    First of all, da Knicks know what they’re doing. When we’re right we’re right and even when we’re wrong we could have been right, so we’re still right cause we could have been wrong. What else do I need to say.

    I told you to take Beelzebub’s dick out your ass before you type shit, but once again you don’t listen.

  4. The Realest says:

    No commentary on last weekend’s Anderson Silva fight? Silva had 64 punches to Sonnen’s 320? I think there was a more timely man-up monday fellas. (yeah i know he won, but dude took a beating)