Justin Bieber Gets A Very…Interesting Tattoo

I don’t know if you are aware of Justin Bieber.  He’s only 16 and I’m pretty sure he isn’t one of Us.  He is knows for being a trending topic on twitter every single day, driving 14 year old girls crazy, whooping Aziz Ansari’s ass, and signing in a really, really high voice.

He’s only 16, but he’s ready to become a man.  Time for his first tattoo.

That picture should be your first indication that something ain’t right.  When a dude gets their first tattoo, there are only a few reasonable places.  Upper Arm, Chest, followed by Back.  You can fill from there.  Justin up there is pulling his t-shirt up to his nipples like a woman.  There is nothing he should be doing in a tattoo parlor that causes him to do what he is doing.

Sure enough, Justin Bieber got the most ridiculous and pointless and bitchy tattoo in the history of man and boy.

Dammit, if you’re gonna go…you gotta go.  The kid got a one inch long, non-descript bird on his hip?  Is he getting a rainbow tramp stamp next?  A heart on the back of his neck?  A butterfly in his cleavage?  This kid is definitely one of Them after that one.




  1. Itzdatdude says:

    This kid already looks like lesbian, now he got a tat dat makes him look like a pre-op bitch. All dis plus da high singing is not a good look. Are there no real male dudes around him to help him out, so when a semi-sweet thought pops up in his young ass mind to get a semengull across his upper pelvics, da homies can slap him back to a masculine reality before its too late.

  2. LurkingBlueDevil says:

    Maybe he’s the white Tevin Cambell or Ricky Martin. Clearly gay but his teeny bopper fans don’t realize it yet.

  3. Be On It says:

    His mentor is Usher. Nuff said.

  4. Cali Mike says:


    you’re killing me bruh…semengull

  5. had to google to see who this kid was…

    found out he was the singer of that damn annoying song that immediately makes me change the station.

    plus i thought he was black… i’m slippin’

  6. Dude, im a girl and my first tattoo is going to be wings that go down my whole back and heavily detailed, a one inch tattoo? Really?? All i can say to this is just