Nicki Minaj is Ready to Launch: Massive Attack

According to my stats the top two searches are for “Nicki Minaj” and “Erykah Badu Ass”.  1. Now you know the kind of company you all keep.  2. I guess it is good to know why people like you.  Since I already covered Erykah’s tail piece a few days ago, I guess Nicki can get some more love.  Check out her new video Massive Attack.

I guess Nicki wanted to put the “booty pad” rumors to rest.  I don’t know if they can retouch video but Nicki is killing it in the jungle starting at the 2:30 mark.  I know my boy G the Intern is loving it.  He started calling for Nicki Minaj back in the day.  In fact, to make up for that fail tail from yesterday, I’ll drop some stills from the video with Amber Rose as an added bonus.

Amber Rose is really committed to that haircut.  I would have thought she would change it up by now.  There is a lot of thick going on right there.  Now for the proof that Nicki’s tail is all beef no filler.

No trickery there, I don’t even know where a pad might be lurking.  There is still more too.

I know this post if about Nicki Minaj, but I need some pure Amber Rose right now too.

I could find the angle I wanted, but that will have to do.

See you on Monday, I feel like between the Final Four and this terrible Hopkins v. Roy Jones fight, there is going to be plenty of man up material on the way.



  1. Itzdatdude says:

    Damn!! Well I’m now a Nicki Minaj fan…cute face, thick ass and a gurl dat like dem gurls, where one of dem gurls happen to be Amber Rose…sweetheart is now in da top three of the datdude hit list.

    I would love to minaj dat situation, straight chris brown da coochies in da pink lambo.

    U were right.


  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    I wonder if she smells bad or something. I mean the ass fat, frame is little and the face is nice. A SKRONG 1 if there ever was one, but look Miss Rose’s face as she walks away. Looks like she just smelt a sack of assholes.

  3. im just saying everytime i see her ass its really big in that pic its big but somewhat average booty pops it is

  4. G the Intern says:

    AHHHH!!! I LOVE IT! I must admit that the whole butt pad phenomenon has me a bit twisted…it kinda stole my eye of the tiger and had me doubtin myself. HOWEVER, Ms. Minaj rewarded me for my loyalty! I’m cramming to think of an industry chick with that much body! I think Jeezy the Prophet said it best:

    We may wanna run that old Minaj post back and add an editors note! This is a GOOD FRIDAY Indeed!!!

  5. G the Intern says:

    Oh and thanks Itz! Welcome to the fan club!

  6. Her face is right. That backside definitely got some smoothing out in that video though. There’s a little more lift and a little less sag-crease going on than in those pics. But next time – good god make sure you warn me to put the video on mute. That song is fucking terrible.

  7. 1st- lets all be real with ourselves in 2010- that song is Tuuurrrible
    2nd- im still not convinced there arent any genetically modified parts on her
    3rd-why does amber rose got that i smelt a fart look going on? was it big boy next to her?
    4th- see #-1
    5th-not to front though she is still a 1 on the binary scale

  8. G The Intern says:

    I agree…the song is pretty wack. I heard Nicki didn’t even like it or want it as the lead single. But I think the hook will help it bang in the club. Nicki can still spit dat hot fiyah! I’m not sure what her handlers are trying to do with her!

    Oh and c’mon folks with the conspiracy theories! The girl could get butt nekkit, provide medical history, AND x-rays and people would still holler foul play! The Nicki Conspiracy theorists and the Birthers need to get together and have a big tea party!

  9. OSU Will says:

    gyot-damn i had to throw in some Lil Kim ‘Hardcore’ (classic) to wash this bad taste out my mouth!
    I’m with G and Itz on this one – would def get retarded-ly ignant on Nicki’s juicy ass.
    but something about these thik girls lately… tryna bankroll a booty into an actual career. that shit is annoying.