If I Had To Guess Which Chick Jesse James Was (alledgedly) Having An Affair With, It Would Be This Chick

In news that makes it look like every dude on the planet is cheating on his wife, people are speculating that motorcycle builder and husband of Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has been having an affair.  Now picture the chick he might be cheating with.  Does she look like this?

She likes the tattoos and appears to have I gigantic red tongue snake growing out of her crotch.  More, shall we?

Not much of a tail game to speak of, but if you like to look at crazy dragon ladies while you hit it from the back, she’s got you covered.

This babe is damn near the Lil Wayne of white chicks.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen knee tattoos before.  But wait there’s more.

Even Wayne didn’t go for the full forehead tattoo.  That’s just weird.

I’m pretty sure Michelle Bombshell falls into the “oh no, you did not just cheat on me with that chick.” category.

I actually hope this one isn’t true, but I’m gonna guess it probably is.  After Tiger, one chick really does seem like less of a problem.



  1. Itzdatdude says:

    I’d hit.

  2. that dude says:

    So if you’re Sandra Bullock, do you stay or do you go? On one hand, you’re no spring chicken, and marrying the adult version of the greaser that girls swooned over in high school was the best you could do. Yeah, it was a step down, but hey better to close with somebody than be alone.

    But you just won an Oscar for a movie that made over 250 million dollars. Your stock has gotta go up, right? And he did cheat on you for damn near a year with a truly disgusting looking chick.

    I say find a rich civilian who’s proud to have you on his arm and appreciate the benefits of a boring man.

  3. Cali Mike says:


    It’d be like smashing a comic book. I’d hit on a bachelor party in Vegas tho.

  4. I would go El Tigre on her. she looks like shes into that stuff. Choke ,punch, slap. yeah thats what imma roll wit.

  5. If I had to guess, I thought it would have been another tatted up DUDE! Have you ever heard Jesse’s voice? Lot of sugar coming out that voice box.. Nonetheless, I feel horrible for Sandy as this was some low shit. I can bet he didn’t wait two days after she went off filming before he started the hunt for new booty. How many more of these sleazebag, racist, tatted up strippers are gonna come out the woodworks with his Facebook emails, texts, and voice mails?? What a dumbass!

  6. Mr. Jezus says:

    I can’t do a damn thang with that “person” right there.

  7. G The Intern says:

    I agree with the fellas above…I’d hit all day. I’ve had a fetish for vampire goth chicks since high school! LOL!!

  8. Be On It says:

    It’s prolly true, especially since his previous wife looks like a cheap, blond version of Michelle Bombshell. He likes them tat, tat, tatted up

  9. G The Intern says:
  10. Itzdatdude says:

    @ Cali M.

    Dat comic book looks like it would put down some evil gashevil shit on my sexin stick…so yeah, I’d hit dat.

  11. Ian M. Summers says:

    That is one ugly woman (it is J’d out so I am assuming it’s a woman, otherwise, I would not be sure). I think a couple of tasteful tattoos are cool, even big pieces, but that shit up there is not cute.

  12. Mr Jezus says:

    @ Ian

    I agree come pletely

    As ole Charles Barkley would say… turrible, just turrible

  13. Dr. Slick Jefferson says:

    I’m sorry, but the neck tat is never a good look. Actually, I’m not sorry at all. Just a terrible chick all around. Gonna give her the Robert Parish double zero: 00!

  14. haha epic comments. anyone else notice the chick has brass knuckles tatted in her armpit? she is straight batty but id probably have to hit just to see what all the fuss is about. she better live up to her appearance

  15. Ian M. Summers says:

    Murph are you serious right now? If “she” lives up to “her” appearance, she’s gonna whip a dick out and start fuckin you.

    Not a good look.

    @ Slick

    Ha, she got Parrished, nicely done. I like the extra significant digit in that zero. It really lets her know: You are precisely zero. You are not a 0.1 that got rounded down.

  16. What really bothered me was reading that Jesse James said the marriage was a sham in order to justify his cheating to one of his other “women”.

  17. idk those sex tape eyes from the last shot makes me think she had potential before she went all ‘colour me by numbers’