Pac Man Up Monday: Manny Pacquiao

Now see, this is why I’ve almost completely abandoned boxing.  I understand that it might be a good thing for every fighter to be able to call their own shots.  I understand that the fighters need to negotiate terms to protect themselves,  I understand there are about 30 different weight classes in boxing, but I hate it when I get cheated out of a great fight because of boxing politics.  I have an opinion about the person who is supposed to be the baddest man on the planet, especially the baddest boxer on the planet.  You’ve got to take the fight.  Manny Pacquiao is supposed to be the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.  I’ve heard Pacman fans say that Pacquiao can and will beat Floyd Mayweather (they are wrong) and Manny has about 10 belts.


But for some reason they can’t get together to get the fight on the books.  Manny is talking about the principalities of getting his blood drawn for banned substance testing within 30 days of the fights.  I don’t know if it is superstition, or if Manny loses his warrior spirit through his blood.  He would agree to the urine testing, I guess he’s got his Whizzinator game tight.  It is hard to accuse a man who only weighs 140 pounds of being on that juice, but I doth think the gentleman protests too much.  We’re talking about the biggest drawing fight of all time and the only fight anyone wants to see right now. (Other than my boy Money J who will watch a one armed man box a kangaroo, but he just loves the sweet science).  C’mon Pacquiao, I know you like to keep it cut up, but either give us a legit reason for not wanting to get your blood drawn, or submit to the tests.  Everyone knows you are the baddest dude shorter than most women in the world.


Those little weight in draws aren’t helping your argument here homey.  I know the Mayweather family is a pain in the ass to deal with, I know you don’t like them running their mouth and questioning whether or not you cheat, but let me assure you that not fighting Floyd isn’t going to stop them from running their mouths.  The Mayweather boys know this is the biggest money fight out there.  There really isn’t anyone else for Floyd to fight, and you know Floyd likes his money.


What else is he going to do?  Embarrass Sugar Shane?  Nah.  Beat up some other relative nobody in another “tune up fight”?  Doesn’t make much sense.  So Manny, stop crying, Man Up and make this fight happen.  The world needs this one.


I’m still bitter I didn’t get my Mike Tyson in his prime vs. Holyfield fight.  That was going to be epic in 1990, in 1996…not so much.

Manny Pacquiao…Man Up!



  1. So, they pay boxers in bricks of benjamins now?

    And speaking of pay – how much do those belt carrier guys get?

  2. Ian M. Summers says:

    I know Pacman isn’t that big, but there are a lot of steroids available that don’t really put on tons of mass even though they help you get stronger (particularly if you’re doing more conditioning work than high volume lifting, like a boxer). I knew a sprinter who used a steroid called winstrol that really didn’t put on a lot of size, but it made the muscle he had rock hard and explosive, and he got lean and dry as hell. Kind of like you see Paacman in that weigh in shot. I think Winstrol was really tough to mask though (that sprinter wasn’t going to be tested for college for another year so he was on his last cycle of it). At any rate, I thought Pac did agree to some blood tests, just not as many as Floyd wanted, right? Floyd needs to man up and accept on blood test a week out from the fight, and quit looking for reasons not to get in the ring with Pacquiao.

    Does boxing outlaw diuretics for boxers who are cutting weight?

  3. Itzdatdude says:

    I really want to see this fight happen as a boxing fan. I’m getting a new 60 inch plasma dat I wanna break in properly. First a good fight, and then of course, good porn.

    And as for the diuretics, i think they are banned, because I remember there was a recent incident that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Had with the Nevada athletic commission when he tested positive for one.

  4. G the Intern says:

    Good post. Floyd is catching heat in the media on this one but I agree with Brock, Pacquiao seems like the bitch in this scenario. Usually people who have issues with being tested for banned substances are USING banned substances so that just raises an eyebrow. I’ve never seen anyone get a clean shot on Floyd so I figured he was not going to lose to Manny but perhaps we’ll never know.

    BTW, Shane Mosely used to be my guy back in the late 90s and early 2000s…vernon Forest (RIP) brought out the bitch in him and the bitch is here to stay…that dude is so cat it’s crazy!

  5. Duke Swellington says:


    basically PBF wants pac man to jump through unnecessary hoops to fight him and uses the guise of ‘sportsmanship’.

    boxing already has anti doping measures, which requires testing before and immediately after the fight. pac-man is cool with this.

    thats like pac-man requesting that pbf stays celibate leading up to the fight. (boxers are superstitious about things like that) and to make someone adopt your training style is BS. sure they could do it, but it has nothing to do with the task at hand: boxing. if PBF wants to grandstand and make up his own rules/conditions and gets mad at his opponents for not doing as he does, that’s his choice. but its a bitch move.

  6. agreed with duke, to me, this is floyd mayweather bitching it up. he knows the moment that cross connects with his chin its a wrap for pbf. if anyone should man up its him. pac’s got a whole nation on his shoulders, so magpakalalaki
    ka, pbf! that’s tagalog fellas, i keeps it international.

  7. stupid! why wud pacman even accept dat shit wen hes da champ? manny shud b da one makin da decisions…mayweather dont even hav a belt…he cant say shit! erik morales was champ wen he got manny to take da blood test…manny is da champ…mayweather doesnt hav no belt…he just runs his mouth tryin to make himself look like he is clean…u all dont know he’s just tryin to find an excuse

  8. mayweather is a pussy…he aint in no position to make demands…he aint no champ…da champ chooses the ring…da gloves…not da challenger…stupid ass dick think he da champ? look at ur waist mayweather no belt there…dick

  9. boxingboyz says:

    Pacman will rip mayweather apart, pacman is not on no seroids hes the champ for a reason and it aint steriods and mayweather no’s that hes just shit scared of fighting pacman and needs to stop being such a pussyo and fight him!!!!

  10. Manny Pacquaio said he would take the blood tests, but he requested for a smaller amount of blood to be drawn from him. now we have the solution to the problem.

    then Mayweather suddenly changed the topic and asked for a bigger part of the money that will be given. If he’s smart enough, he should know that when he beats pacman, he will get more commercials, magazine cover shoots and more. he will still end up as a riiccch maaan. why is he asking for more money for the fight? maybe he is scared that he would loss and end up as a poor loser?