Mark McGwire Was On That Stuff…REALLY?

The great thing about the inevitable is that it is guaranteed to happen eventually.  Yesterday, just a few days after earning only 22% of Hall of Fame votes, Mark McGwire decided it was time to finally come clean on using steroids.


I remember when McGwire was playing and thinking the dudes forearms looked like most peoples legs.  I thought that looked a little unnatural.  The crazy thing is, I don’t think McGwire was on that sexy Balco-level steroids.  No cream or clear for him, Mark McGwire was on that old school horse steroid.  I mean the dude was HUGE.  His neck and head were the same size.  His hands make him look like the Incredible Hulk wearing baby gloves.  Come on, the dude just wasn’t built like that when he was in Oakland.


No where close.  Jose Canseco is an actual snitch by the way.  Jose was clearly on that stuff even way back here.  His jaw is starting to blow up already.  But when you are using the juice and use it with a teammate, it is pretty shitty to turn around and sell them out because you have already ruined your career doing celebrity boxing and the Surreal Life.  Just because you don’t respect yourself doesn’t mean you need to take everyone else down.  Andre Dawson just entered the Hall of Fame by himself. I think we are about to see a lot of this.  All the dudes who came through in the ‘roids era are eligible for the Hall of Fame right now.  The voters have always been assholes to people who are legit, they might never let in one of the dudes who did steroids, I think ARod probably has the best chance.  And we’re just talking about the great players.  Let’s not talk about the dudes who were just big as hell who aren’t the ones who broke every record in baseball.

Let’s do a quick review of the big players.


Sammy Sosa forgot how to speak English and has tried to change his identity by becoming a white man.


Palmeiro said he didn’t do it, then got caught lying.  I guess the only dude in baseball who didn’t do Steroids in the late ’90’s was Barry Bonds.


He’s still clean, right?  He’s the only guy who won’t admit it.  Maybe Barry will just go hard and say “damn right I did it, I also saved baseball, broke half the hitting records in the sport, was the most dangerous man to step to the plate for 6 years, AND Bud Selig KNEW and didn’t stop cashing those damn checks and the only reason you have a sport to vote on for the Hall of Fame is because Sammy, Mark and I saved this sport from going the way of hockey and almost tapping out completely.”

You think Bud Selig wanted to be playing games on Outdoor Network and Versus?  I don’t think so.  Bud wanted to keep it all rolling.  Maybe he’ll talk about it in his book in 10 years, but Bud Selig needs to tell the voters that they all knew, they weren’t testing and the needed it.  The hypocrisy is actually amazing to me.  That doesn’t mean they should have cheated.  This is a sport, and it isn’t right, and it is the athlete’s responsibility to decide to play fair. But when the league say it happening and didn’t stop it, and let 4 or 5 guys take a run at the biggest records in baseball, everyone saw that they had to step their game up or be left behind.  If the league stopped it early it would have been fine, but they didn’t and here we are.

Let Pete Rose in too while you’re at it.


He got a big ass head the old fashioned way…he got fat.



  1. Ian M. Summers says:

    It’s funny how he waits till after he doesn’t get admitted into the HoF (and gets a pitiful 25% vote) that he admits it. I guess he figures no one can forgive him until he has come clean. I for one don’t think any of the guys who used should be voted in.

    Ken Griffey Junior has been the same size his whole career (scratch that, he’s gotten fat as he’s aged) and has been one of the most consistent power hitters in the game for two decades, and won gold gloves for some ridiculous number of years in the 90’s. He’s one of the most skilled baseball players to ever live. Guys like him deserve for it to mean something when they go into the hall of fame. You let cheaters in and you cheapen the whole thing.

  2. G the Intern says:

    I agree with Ian. I think people who get caught for using steroids or who admit it should just have their records expunged like Chris Webber’s college records (that’s some BS btw). Whether baseball allowed it or not, C’mon son! U let a guy like Hank Aaron stand BEHIND these dudes in the record books. A dude who made it happen without the help of drugs or segregation (big ups to babe Ruth and the rest of those cats who played against watered down competition) is gonna take a back seat? Adding to Ian’s point, Ken Griffey Jr. has had more injuries than most and he didn’t oppt to take HGH to recover faster! Man, that just ain’t right. Forget the asterick, wipe em all out.

    As for Baseball itself, I think Bud Selig and those who turned their heads to it should be reprimanded as well. This is an issue that congress should have never really been involved in, but given that they were involved, let’s get to the root and let some executives take it on the chin as well. I remember seeing an HBO special on steroid use in MLB back in the late 80s…THE LATE EIGHTIES!!! I was just a kid and I heard about it…MLB knew what was goin on and just rode the wave and cashed the checks.

    I don’t

  3. i bumped into Sneaky Pete at the airport in Cabo… he had the finest, and i mean FINEST asian woman with him too… threw some D’s on a 30 inch waist, platforms with a mini skirt, the whole 9… I wanted to shake his hand but didn’t get the chance

  4. Selig says it’s the end of the steroid era…it should be the end of the Selig era too.