Stop Snitching: NY Teacher Sex Romp

We’ve found one of Them people…imagine this.  You are a high school janitor.  There is a school talent show going on in the auditorium so you decide to use the time to make some rounds and straighten some things up in the halls while no one is there.  As you walk down the halls you hear a noise, a shuffle, then a little moan, and you look in a classroom and you see these two ladies.


Two “romance language” teachers at the school showing each other they are cunning linguists.  I’m thinking cue the porn music, the wah-wah guitar and break out the baby oil because if that janitor was one of Us he’d be trying to film Dirty Girls 3: The Janitor Cleans Up.  What does he do instead?  He turns them in!


Right, that’s how I felt when I heard the news.

Those ladies are Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro and they are apparently those girl who like them girls.  I just want to know two things:

Why did they think they needed it so bad they had to get naked at the school during an assembly?  You want to talk about NSFW.  Having lady sex in a classroom is literally not safe for work.

How long did the janitor watch before he turned them in?  My man knew who they were, so he had to watch em in action for a few minutes.


Those pictures are a little shady, but the ladies up there look pretty hot to me.  How do you even turn these ladies in?  Who believes you and what evidence do you have?  I feel like you’ve got to join, blackmail, or watch, but never, ever, turn em in.  That ain’t right.

That janitor is not one of Us.



  1. Itzdatdude says:

    To now have proof that men like him exist in dis world make me scared for us all. This is the work of the devil, for sure.

  2. Now THIS is what the stop snitchin’ movement SHOULD be about.

    Did he drop a dime when they would not let him join in?

  3. Maybe they are both in relationships and couldn’t swing for a hotel? I mean, most teachers wipe down the desks in the room w/ CLorox wipes, so you don’t have to worry about germs. you have a built in alibi, so no lying (Use “there was a talent show at school tonight” not “i went to the school talent show”). And, barring a fackit @ss janitor, you’re home free.

  4. Janitor: what do we have here? let me get in on this
    Ladies: sorry we don’t swing that way
    Janitor: so what? I don’t like men either LOL
    Ladies: Step off
    Janitor: oooooo i’m tellin

  5. this post is USELESS without angle 2!

  6. Oh shit, do I got disciples, another “that dude”… word up, but just remember who the original is.