Pimp of the Year: Cat Blazes Two Miss Universe Contestants at ONCE!


Best. Sex. Tape.  EVA!!!!

Let me just say as a starter, this is a MUST SEE Sex Tape because both these babes really….I mean REALLY know how to handle themselves.  Holy smokes.  They look alike but believe me, there is a ring leader and her name is Anya Ayoung Chee aka Miss Trinidad & Tobago!!!!  But you can just call her “dat chick” b/c dat chick is the strongest celebrity sex tape star I’ve ever seen.  I mean, she BLASTS Kim K out the water, puts Pam Anderson in her place and asks Paris Hilton “is that all you got?”  I mean, she looks innocent.


But don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. Whatever wild ethnic mix she has that’s come together like Voltron to make her crazy dope look, has also passed down all the sex drive and bang out skills from generations of yore. She murders on this joint.  I mean, it’s bonkers. And to add to it, she roped the other babe, that would be Miss Japan (!!!!), Hiroko Mima, into it too!


And what about the guy that was blazing?

Bill Clinton 2008

Honestly, this cat might be the best human being the good lawd ever produced. Or at least the more effective mofo the devil ever licensed.  I mean, he is GETTING HIS!!! JEEZ.

Listen, I’ve heard from a few of my boys that pretty much any dude with game can go down to the Miss Universe contest in whatever god forsaken country it’s being held and really come up in some top shelf international tail.  But this cat really went ahead and etched himself into the Dos Beckys International UvT Hall of Fame.  Dude banged out not one, but TWO Miss Universe babes AND CAUGHT IT ALL ON TAPE with some threesome wildness!!!

miss universe threesome

Just as an aside, why does the Trini babe look so much like a Japanese chick?  Hmmmm

Anyway, this is a wild international great moments in hookup history for real.  Nobody will ever top this.  And it’s completely NSFW.  These chicks may be beauty queens, but trust, this is NOT their first time going mic checker, back door (yes, that back door), girl on girl and clearly, they are very comfortable taking direction and playing to that camera.  Peep this joint in FOUR parts. Wow.  First Miss California’s enhanced cans, now this:

Part 1 (NSFW, Miss Trini)

Part 2 (NSFW and great, Japan)

MuF&ckin Part 3. (Wow, very NSFW, Miss Trini killing it)

Part 4 (Still aint SFW, but you may have to do it anyway, BOTH Babes wilin out)

If you watch nothing else, watch part 4.  But all parts are good.  Lol.  Enjoy.  And by the way, Miss Trini & Tab is a BEAST..


Best Sex Tape EVER!!!  Greatest Sex Tape Chick of all times.  I said it.

– Lake


  1. Damn, I’m downloading all of those asap.

  2. The GOD homemade porn tape right here, fam.

    All female celebrities should be banned from making homemade porn until they can bring that hot fire these chicks brought to the game.

    Who else came with it like these blessed angels of porn?

    Did Kim K spit shine the dilz? Fall back, ma.

    Did Paris Hilton play with herself after the upside-down jizz to the face? Ho sit down.

    And to the cat who caught ’em both on tape: Do you realize that you are a champion in our eyes?

  3. HappyToBeNappy says:

    Holy Moly! I gotta speak up for the ladies. . .That shit right there was pure hotness!!!

    Cary on!

  4. Gotta WATCH!

  5. Damn.. I’m at work and can’t wait to get the flip home…. YOOOOOOO this betta be great..

  6. I see Lake is getting Us fired this morning….

  7. Ian M. Summers says:

    This is some Tucker Max level, wouldn’t-believe-it-if-I-didn’t-see-that-shit-on-tape type shenanigans. As my Jamaican acquaintances might say – PLATINUM RESPECT! (aka platteh-nim rah-spect)

  8. i never wanted to be a white boy with a ponytail until now…

  9. I will give the dude credit, however, I hardly ever pull out my hater card. But I hate the man!!

    btw , was that Bob Burnquist!?!?

    GD that was worth watching

  10. Lake…words cannot express this magnificent find…both heads agree…best video ever

  11. Itzdatdude says:

    I had a feeling Christmas would cum early. I wanna give special propz to Ponytail nicca and Lake for bringing us this Holiday gift. And an extra special mention goes out to Miss Trinidad and assistant hoe, Miss Japan, whose freaky naughtiness lead to da death of many innocent kleenex. I now know wat I’m gonna give Thanks for at my girl’s parents’ house this Thursday.

  12. Not only did he swing two brutally hot babes (and convinced them that filming it was a great idea) but he really held his own against those freaks. I don’t know that I would be as level headed and in control if I found myself in that situation…