Kim Kardashian Wins the UvT Halloween Costume Contest

After yesterday when I weeded out all of the Halloween Costume Sellouts (I should talk about the people who go too hard on Halloween, that is just as bad). But now we can talk about the real winners this Halloween.  Us Versus Them favorite Kim Kardashian was the big winner this year.


Good lawd.  I’m not even a J dude, but that is just ridiculous.  Say what you want, but Kim has everything working right now.  We need that full body shot.


Shakira isn’t here, but these hips don’t lie either.


Kim is killing the game in this one right now.  Not everyone can work the super low riders.  Plus she’s on the no draws special?  God bless Halloween.  Do we have Angle 2?


Angle 1.6 doesn’t give me everything I want, but knowing what I know…there is nothing but heat behind that arm.  Ray J, did she have that kind of J game back when you were with her?  Can you take a closer look?


Runner up this year was Selita Ebanks.


I guess she is supposed to be the devil, but if that is what Hell is like, sign me up.


I guess 2009 was the year of the Big J’s for Halloween. Goodness.  Well, as long as everyone is winning, let’s see what my girl Jessica Alba is bringing.


awwwwwww, hail naw.  A cracked out Dora the Explorer?  That is pretty much the opposite of hot.  At least my girl is still bringing the tail game we all know and love.


Oh no.  Who turned my girl into a fail tail?  I think there are tears welling in my eyes.  I can’t take it.  Now that is sad, but you know what is worse?

Adriene Curry

When a chick can dress up as Slave Leia and it still just isn’t that hot.  That is a fail right there too.

Welcome back Kimmy K, it is like you never left.



  1. G the Intern says:

    Gotta love Kim…to thing that’s ALL NATURAL too! Robert K must have done something special for God or something cuz he passed on some lovely genes. Selita Ebanks is bangin too.

    I peeped one pic of Bey as Spiderwoman that was nice as well. Unfortunately u can’t see much but what u do see is worth a second look. Her hips don’t lie either. I’d love to find more angles on her in this costume!:

  2. I agree that Kim is smoking, but there is something about her stupidity that is off putting.

    Still, I would pay thousands of dollars to have 24 hours with her.

  3. @ G:

    Kimmy K is rocking the hades out of that costume.

    But she is all plastic, all the time.

  4. Trendy White Dude says:

    jessica alba is boring as fuck

    how come Kim K won’t give us what we all want with angles 2, 2.5 and 3?

    I mean every photo we seen of her in recent months is trying to hide that angles. C’mon son what part of the game is that?

  5. G the Intern says:

    @ Be…All plastic? By the looks of those very slightly visable mamory glands in pic #1, that’s 100% all natural mother’s love right there. Makes me wanna lay my head on those, put my thumb in my mouth and take a long nap! Ma-ma…ma-ma!! LOL

  6. UVT – you’re welcome for alerting you guys to the Kardashian PJ costume. I expect more from both of y’all on spotting tasty women with the sluttiest night of the year in the rearview mirror.

  7. Anyone else think the girl on the right of the pic with Jessica Alba in it looks EXACTLY like Matt Damon?

  8. Damn MRM, I meant to give you a shout in the main post. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Kim K know damn well her fine ass is too big to fit in a magic lamp. I hated Halloween once again, cuz once again I couldn’t convince any female to dress as invisible clothes girl.

  10. FUCK IT – Im in love.