This Might Be the Last Time Christina Milian is Fine…Ever

Christina Milian is married and knocked up.  I’ve been in denial since it went down.  I ran “dip it low” on repeat for a few days, I watched “Bring It On: Seriously, they are still making Bring it On movies” on bootleg, and I reminisced about the good ol times and the perfect dimensions of the tail, thigh, and calf.  The closest I’ve ever come to admitting this reality is talking about the VIBE cover.  But Christina in preggers, and she was out a few weeks ago looking good.


Somehow the J’s have actually gotten bigger.  Goodness.  They used to be two perfect scoops and somehow now there is just…more.

Look, I’m not being mean here.  I’m just facing my own reality.  I have to admit, MILF Alba never brought the heat like pre-Cash Warren Alba.  It is just true.  Don’t get me wrong, she is still a 1 on the UvT Binary Scale of 1-0, but the luster is just not the same.  So Christina, I wish you the best.  We will always have this:



I still can’t believe she married the Dream.


  1. Naw, on some real shit, I have an eternal crush on dis girl and for dat reason i really can’t stand da nicca ( i won’t even say his name… fuck him), that knocked her up and then married her, although his album was dumb dope. She is so fine to me dat she made me watch a Nick Cannon movie, “Love don’t cost a thing”…twice. I can’t even hate on da dude dat is currently with her though, i would breed her immediately too, get her all caught up in my Uain’tnevergonleavemebitch man trap.

  2. G the Intern says:

    A sincere comment for grown folks: I love pregger chicks! I know, fall out, gag, gag, blah blah blah…I used to be all grossed out about it till my seed was on the way and I was NOT bout to go on hiatus for 9 months+ So I continued to hit without reservation and LOVED IT!!! Get u a woman with a small frame to begin with and over 9 months you can pretend u have like 3 different women in one. As she get’s bigger, u really start to appreciate the “more.” I’m assumung that she has room to grow though. If u mess around and get Precious from that new Perry/Winfrey movie preggers, don’t tell nobody G told u to do it. But if u find a cute slim one, it’s like 9 months of fun!! Then like a great meal, you get dessert. Once the kid drops, the fun really begins. Lactation adds a WHOLE new element! LOL!

    That’s real talk (hate that term but it applies here), don’t knock it till u try it! Once u do, you’ll view a pregnant Christina Millian in a whole new light. Trust and believe she’ll get a trainer and diet plan and get her body back in shape, but I’m lovin her still.

  3. Bill Parcells says:

    (picks up jaw from floor)

    Haa!!! G, just one question. Was that post an attempt to convince the male readers to get hype about boning their pregnant girl or have you just had that on your chest for a minute and needed an anonymous outlet? I’m just curious.

  4. G has hit the nail on the head. Pregnant women are so sexy. My wife is petite and I thought I was in heaven during her first pregnancy. The tops and bottoms get enhanced so much. g is also right that after that 6 week don’t touch the goodies period, the stomach gets flat but the Js stay plump and the tail is fat. OHH wee!

  5. Man, I tell fellas all the time that the pregger tail is the best thing goin! I’m not ashamed to say it. I didn’t even mention the NSFW details (temperature and wetness). I didn’t care if it was month 9…if the belly’s big, get creative (ya dig??) I ain’t tryna convince anyone of anything, I’m just tryna shed some light on one of nature’s best kept secrets. Don’t sleep fellas, I’d have 10 kids just for the pregger tail!

  6. “get her all caught up in my Uain’tnevergonleavemebitch man trap.”

    Funniest shit ever

  7. Thanks for da 411 G, i really need to get dat pregnant tail. Da only problem is dat its hard to find a pregnant hoe and if its ur girl, its more than likely, its ur kid on da way and their is something about having another one of me ( especially a girl version) coming that scares that shit outta both me and my dick that i don’t think we would work right. But hopefully in time i’ll figure out a way to overcome my fears.

  8. G the Intern says:

    Yeah dude, u gotta figure that out cuz you’re missing out. I felt the same way at first but u know what they say, “necessity breeds innovation.” Wait till ur lookin at a 9 month dry season and you’ll try something new. Talk about Lil Wayne and his new material, you’ll take it to ANOTHER level. As for “finding a pregnant hoe and if it’s your girl…” hopefully your girl ain’t a hoe (unless she’s exclusively your “hoe”) and I wouldn’t recommend defiling someone elses seed by bangin his pregnant baby mama. That’s definitely a bad look. I say this is best to try if you’re married w/ a kid on the way. Those of Us who are smart and careful don’t slip into that BMD (baby mama drama). I’ve seen too many fallen soldiers who complain about BMD but don’t strap it up at all times. Y’all gon go out like Willy Lump Lump…keep playin! LOL

  9. so is it the same as boning a fat chik?