Steve Phillips and the Slumpbuster from Hell, Part 2

Damn homey!  Yall heard what I had to say about Steve Phillips turrible arse slumpbustin’ hizzoe yesterday.


Haaaa….even Lord Vadar can’t believe Steve Phillips was taggin this yatch.   And if you think that’s bizzare (and it is), peep the nutso 911 recording Steve’s WIFE made to the fuzz:

Damn.  That aint right.  And this is how she dropped off that crazy arse letter detailing her kinky sex skills?


Damn.  I mean, for real.  Can anyone honestly say this babe is worth anything more than a brown bag, “they’re all pretty in the dark,” all tail is good tail special?  Is there such a thing?  I mean, would anyone other than Steve Phillips really blaze this mongrel?


Awwwww maaaan—



– Lake


  1. G the Intern says:

    Very Scary…reminds me of that movie “Obsessed” or “Fatal Attraction.” Phillips better hide his rabbit.

  2. Slick Jefferson says:

    Lake is Back!!!

  3. Stop playing, my nicca Hung would raw dat and make u smell his finger after. He is gangsta as fuck, look at him.