Us Versus Them Finds the Crazy

Brock Hardon is the internets.  That is how I get up on the Shake Weight, the KFC Double Up, and all other kinds of wildness.  I grab every wild joint I find thinking I’ll be able to drop it somewhere eventually, but sometimes that just never comes.  So I’ve got to just drop it all at once.  Like remember the Bruno pics from GQ magazine?


When that joint dropped, it was controversial because they said Bruno was taking advantage of high school kids.  Meanwhile, they just came out with new pictures of Erin Andrews…that pretty much do the same thing.


Can you tell the difference?  This is NOT exploitation:


And this IS exploitation:


Actually yeah, that probably is exploitation.  That ain’t right.  78 had to figure out what was going down when the dude wearing the cup on the outside of some red draws wanted to “take a snap” from him.


This is a crazy ass pic from Conan the Barbarian.  Now if you saw this picture 25 years ago would you think you were looking at a man who banged out 10,000 women, the worlds largest wrestler and the Governor of California?  Wilt’s goat leg pants are turrible too…and the perm wig…and that goatee.

Dirty Money:


There is so much going on in this picture.  I think Dawn is holding it down here.  Diddy has a wild belt around one leg, and this babe on the right just freaks me out.  Why does she always look scared of something?  Why does she always look like there is absolutely nothing going on behind her eyes?  Why is she so damn thick?  I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t know, and up until this moment I didn’t care.  Sure, she’s in the “ultimate make your body look good” pose.  Feet pointed left, hips pointed forward, hand defining the waist, all white and jacket covering up any hints of what may be wrong, she’s probably strapped and tucked into those jeans too.  Hope the music is fire.

Finally this…


GSP is second from the left…But, er, uhhhhhhhh.  Who is that freak on the end?  I don’t understand what is going on here.  Everything about him is wrong, like he was photoshopped in from another picture but they never fixed the scale.  Otherwise this dude looks like he is 6’8″, his arm is bigger than the head of the dude next to him.  Hell his head is the biggest damn thing in the picture.  WTF?



  1. Slick Jefferson says:

    I was at the club on friday and Diddy rolled up with, like, ten dudes. Might have been twelve. almost all were wearing hats, as was Diddy. I know he’s keeping it extra leg-belt in that pic, but the dude still keeps it ‘hood from time to time too.

  2. Ian M. Summers says:

    GSP is on HGH. I had my doubts before, but recent pictures of him have me convinced.

    His stomach, even though ridiculously defined, is distended; his jaw and forehead are getting wider; and there is his ability to maintain an otherwise unrealistic training regimen, and his resulting freakish athleticism.

    Looking at pictures of him from a long time ago and now, I am pretty confident dude is juicing.