Stripping Goes Mainstream: Booty Poppin For Housewives

Things have changed.  Society has loosened up, the internets have brought some things to bear that people aren’t used to seeing.  Like 60 years ago, this was sexy as sexy can get.


Did you see that ankle? Those shoulders?  Well, here is how they do it now.


That’s right, water splashing, J’s out, mouth open, and ready.  But it works both ways.  The wild stuff that used to happen in the strip clubs has gone mainstream too.  So the things that only used to happen in strip clubs and Ludacris videos, like this…

Is now being taught in fitness studios where it turns into this.

That is one serious one booty pop.  Got white women practicing it like it is legit.  Maybe that is where the original Whooty picked up her moves.  The only thing worse than this is that bullshit “pole dancing” workout.  That is just silly.  We don’t really need housewives learning how to shimmy up poles in their spare time.  Seriously it is awful.

No one needs to be telling anyone elses moms to “do the trick of your choice” while she’s got a stripper pole in her hands.  It just ain’t right.



  1. Dang, homey!!!! That windowseat video is crazy! P-poppin’ on a handstand. Lol!