German Chancellor: Vote For Deez Breastasises!

Reason No. 2,459 why American politics suck…No Presidential candidates that try to get my vote by simply saying:

“The Economy is bad, but looka deez tittays!”

Now, that would be a wild joke or maybe the work of some clown making hay over a shady slip of the J in a photo op, but this time it’s real.  A female member of Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (yes, THESE cats are Conservatives) has raised eyebrows (and other things) with a campaign poster displaying the chancellor’s ample cleavage alongside her own. The poster’s slogan reads: “We have more to offer.”


Oh Merkel, you naughty little girl.


But I must say, I didn’t quite get that full view of all you have to offer the people.  So yes, angle two:


Damn, old girl really was all out there, wasn’t she?  Can I ask, by the way, why the “can you see my nipples” look is considered classy at formal events?  I mean, just because you slap a string of pearls over your tittays and drap the J in velvet instead of lycra (the American way dammit) does that mean you’re suddenly a high class babe?


I know, I know, these old ladies show the body part that looks good.  I get that.  But, and this is just me, when I can see chest up under the breasts, you’ve taken things too far.  And don’t get mad when I look, because no man can not look at some Js sittin on international dubbs.


It’s just not possible.

Damn, you know somewhere, Hilly C. is just kicking herself for not going “tits out” on Barack’s arse.


I mean, that would have been the ONE attribute BO couldn’t have matched.


Don’t worry ladies.  I’m quite sure any strides American women have yet to make with regard to this “tits for votes” movement will be taken up by none other than the scarecrow herself, Pitbull Palin.


Honestly, I can’t stand this broad, but if she comes out with that Sarah Palin sex tape (a real one, not Naylin Paylin..ha) I’d vote for her.  I love “Conservative Christian” parties both at home and abroad because when they get wild.


They really go all out.  Nice.

– Lake


  1. When in doubt, break out the J’s. Chancellor Merkel is clearly working with something there. I read that the ad was not officially sanctioned by Merkel’s people, but I bet the Chancellor isn’t all that mad at her J’s getting a little international shine. The woman who used the pics was clearly going for the Cobra Kai, “Sweep the Leg” move against the competition. Tight.

  2. okolepuka says:

    I wish we had Merkel. She is an impressive leader.

  3. Women are idiots.We already know men were…What kind of women goes up to a guy – an old skeezer no less – and has sex on a table? Let’s see, “hose bag”, slut slave, fame whore, desperate loser all come to mind. And she told him she was pregnant two weeks after they had sex….LIE. No one knows that soon and he should have called her bluff and demanded a paternity test. Cause at two weeks after table sex, she wouldn’t have known. Shit she probably wasn’t even pregnant. She needs to spend some of the money she paid for lips and botox on mental health and COSTCO size supplies of Prozac and Penicillin. Fame + sports + women= death, disaster and oodles of legal bills. Men..check your pecker!