VIBE Magazine Goes Out With A Bang: My Girl Milian

Vibe magazine might have tapped out, but at least they go out with style.  Damn Christina Milian was on the cover of King the month before they went out, and now she is on the final cover of Vibe.


I don’t even know if this joint is ever going to hit the press.  I’ll tell you what I do know.  That clown The Dream” has a hand full of tittay.  Lawd help me.  Does she rock pasties to the shoot or did they just let my man raw dog it because that is his girl?  What’s the real deal?


Damn she is bad though.  Goodness that J game is so ridiculous.  I really don’t understand how they’ve remained so perfect for so long.  The game with no shirt on though?  Not helping anyone.  I guess the brother doesn’t hit the weight room too often does he?  He could work in a crunch, an ab roller, a protein shake, something.  If Christina is for the fellas, I’m going to presume the Dream is for the ladies.  Haaaaaaaaa.  Sorry ladies, you got jammed up on this one.  The only Dream that guy is having is for dessert.  Who still wears calvin klein boxer briefs?  Really?  Marky Mark rocked those joints in like 1990.  Why is Dream still rocking them now.


Man.  I can’t take it.  Why do the J’s look so big?  Why are her legs so perfect?  Will the day ever come when this chick is not bad as hell?  Either way, this picture is better than the original.


Yoko Ono was pimpin though.  I feel like that picture is a half Rule #1 violation.

I shoulda gotten out while I was ahead.


Shout to Sweetsexy521 for the tip and the jokes.


  1. Ian M. Summers says:

    If he can pull that, what is out there for me? Remember a few weeks back, when I said I needed a new reason to leave the house in the morning? I just found it.

    P.S. Half a rule #1 violation?

  2. In pic #1 is his other hand really headed for the cooch? Ummmm, okay. I didn’t need to see that.

    This dude must have a magic stick cuz I really don’t get the appeal. Nothing about him is attractive, including the hyphen in his stage name between “The” and “Dream”. Is that really necessary? You ain’t nobody’s dream Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash, except Christina’s. Po thang.

  3. sweetsexy521 says:

    not a problem as soon as i saw this i knew i had to inform you, as a lady i do feel jilted on the end of this she lookin hella fine and he look like my weird next door neighbor im gonna need her to upgrade to someone more deserving of her asap

  4. now they really are selling a dream on this cover…if they thought we were gon get turned on by dream’s gut…Man Pleeeeee….

    why he couldnt keep it manly and keep his shirt on