Twerk Team: Behind the Booty

Two months ago SMH broke the news the UvT nation and your faithful Triple B was sent on assignment to find out more about this underground super group in another installment of UvT Undercover that we’re calling: Twerk Team: Behind the Booty.  Triple B was lost on that mission and hasn’t been seen in months…please enjoy the spoils of his self sacrifice.

I’m originally from the ATL, so I’m down with all types of pop, locking and dropping, leaning with it and rocking with it.  All that being said, I was not down with the Stanky Legg.  There is only one thing the Stanky Legg was good for, introducing us to the Twerk Team.  The ladies are still at it and bringing the heat with Walk that Walk.

I think it is time to learn a little more about these ladies.  Twerk Team. Kandy Girl, Shawty Bear, Betty Butt, Mizz TwerkSum, and Lady Luscious This talented group of young ladies has risen to underground internet fame and in some circles have been referred to as the Destiny’s Child of hard booty shakin. But who is Twerk Team? How did they get here? Where did they get those shorts? These are the questions that this expose will strive to answer.  First of all…classy names ladies.  Second of all, time to get a new webmaster.  Your website?  You might want to lay off on the glitter and the spotlights.

Lawd, that ain’t right.

The Twerk Team describes itself thusly, “We Aint No Hoeesh Nasty Ass Females We Twerk Because Thats What We Do && That’s That”. And indeed these ladies can put it down.


but things haven’t always been glitz and glamour for the bootylicious super group. Before twerkin’ could pay the bills they had to find the rears that would set Hot-lanta ablaze. UvT has found early audition footage of the group clearly during its inception. The Twerk Team exploded on The ‘Net performing “She Got a Donk” as only they could.

Oh, and I don’t know if they don’t actually believe that their dancing future isn’t as bright as they believe it will be, but Mizz Twerkzum is already prepping for her next career.




Damn, I don’t know what kind of future there is in pre-packaged booty shaking troupes, but you have to admire their moxie.  Twerksum, I like your spunk, trying to make sure you’re always the Beyonce of the group…setting yourself apart from the crowd.



  1. Julian H. says:

    Where did you get these pictures at?

  2. HAHA THATS WHAT THAT HOE GET: I heard she and her sis got clamidia

  3. yo i like yall team sexy get at me when you get time

  4. ol' dirty says:
  5. to SOMEBODY COOL: STFU BITCH!!!……that is all

  6. I love twerkteam, haters stop hateing



  9. i know her and she is the biggest ghetto nasty girl i met. She needs to go to the doctor and stop trying to get money by shaking her ass because this girl has a diease in a bad spot……..ummm i wonder why?
    im telling you peopple once and for all, you shouldnt be a fan just because there disrespeting herslef, and if you like what shes doing, your gonna end up JUST LIKE HER!!
    a nasty ghetto girl thats ruining her life by fucking a guy everyday and getting cracked up!!
    ive said what i had to say…

  10. ^^^ sounds a bit like a hater(prev message)… i mean even if all that is true…..why are u so concerned…i mean is it fucking wit ur well being, directly or indirectly??????? if not keep it moving…. and i hope Mz Twersum keep shaking dat ass….cuz its “Oh such a beautiful thang”

  11. priya love' says:

    i mean i fukinnn lovvvee the twerk team nd lik kuniva said. . if its not fukin wit ur well being den why the fuk is evrybody else worrin about it. . . if she wanna shake ha ass nd make money den by all means. . . nd if she want to be a hoe or a stripper or if she wants to be a porn star den let ha be . . . why should she be looked apon for shakin ha ass when its all dese pornstars nd wat not all out nd about around here…… muthafukas watch dey shyt proudly right . .??/ sooo why frown apon shakin ass fa money. . .LET MZ.TWERKSUM DO HA SHYT CUZ SHE DOES IT VERYYY WELL . .!!

  12. yo baby evn though its three of yall in tha group i like u more cuz u sexier nd better looking than tha othr two,and you thicker, 4 some reason whn I look at yur videos u always put more into yur dance thn tha othr two.

  13. Mz.Barbiie says:

    I love them girls ! Mz.TwerkSum is my favorite &&’d she is my role model .. The TwerkTeam is the one that inspired me to keep going with my dancing .. I been dancing since I was a little girl im a HighSchool student now 11th grader to be excat &&’d me &&’d my girls got our own TwerkTeam now &&’d we going all da way so Fukk widd us ! &&’d for.all you hating ass females dats hating on the TwerkTeam yall need to fall back cause at least they making money probably making more than your broke ass !