I don’t know who Leighton Meester is…but

I know when a good sex tape is around the corner.


Wow..  Like I said, who in the hell is Leighton Meester?  Oh yes, the chick who is allegedly giving a dude a “foot job” on tape!  Now, I’ve never gotten a footjob.  ha  And quite honestly, I don’t think I want one.


But anyway, I took a look see at her wiki page and realized this is the a chick from Gossip Girl, a show I proudly have never watched.  Then I spoke to my girl Rosy F baby and learned that she was the chick who rolled out with half her ass hanging out her dress.


ahhhh, yes.  nice shoes..


Cute face, smooth gut…..angle 1 remixed please?


Hmmmmm, this aint no Jessica Biel, but it aint no fail tail either.  Damn, I kinda want to get another look at that smooth stomach piece.  You can’t get this with cruches alone.


Damn.  I must say, I’m a sucker for a short t shirt and a bikini bottom.  Ok, I’ve seen enough.  Bring on the sex tape please.  But while we’re waiting, please review these sex tape still shots (NSFW).  Oh and here is my fav…. she’s getting so much of what she wants, she threw the finger at ole dude.


Gotta like it.  Here are a few of the other SFW snaps.




Some question whether these are actually sex tape snaps.  My response, if you’ve never seen these faces (and others), you aint hittin right.

– Lake


  1. Mr. Jesus says:

    I’ve had some “oh fuck’s”, some “fuck me”, some “fuck yous” hell some of them even called my dads name, but I have never gotten the finger. That shot along with the 2nd to last photo leads to you believe this is going to be a very fine tape indeed.

  2. Mr. Jesus says:

    Just stumbled onto a lil photo that really has nothing to do with this post, but when you see it, you will understand……


  3. Hacksaw Jim Dugan says:

    I’ve definitely seen those faces and more. Not sure I’ve gotten the finger (no homo) but I’m going to work on it. This girl is sexy as hell by the way. Isn’t funny how a chick F*cking can change your entire perception of her?

  4. Ryan BB says:

    Totally hot. Can’t wait for the tape. Hooray for natural boobs, too.

  5. Yo Hasksaw shout out to the WWF and that no homo was perfect…lol.

  6. Ian M. Summers says:

    I haven’t the slightest idea who this girl is, but she seems like a good time (read: freak). She looks to be on top of her whole pilates-and-oatmeal game to boot (or maybe it’s cocaine-and-cheeseburgers? That would explain the tape).

    When will famous chicks learn to handle all carnal business off-camera? The Lake Arlingtons of the world don’t fuck around.

    They’ll getcha.

    Every. Single. Time.

  7. Ian, you aint lied. Got a few tapes here and there. sadly, they implicate ME… can’t happen. ha