Thick White Woman Alert! Six aka Jenna Von Oy

Yall remember Six from Blossom.


Well maybe you don’t, but if you did catch the show a few times and had a good eye, you saw something a little bit different about her from day 1.


Bang!  Correct.  And it’s always been there.  Not convinced?  F*ck angle two, I’m about to give you angles 2-8, in all different outfits to smoke out the haters and highlight the credentials.


Damn.  And yes, I do see her enhancing the tail with the arch, but I appreciate that.  I let’s me know that she knows she’s banging like a benzy back there.  And, uhhhm, can I get an amen on that back to tail, thigh to tail ratio heading west and east?  How about the thigh in isolation?


Sheeeit, about as right as KFC grilled chicken at 2 pm during a long work day that just won’t quit.  I mean, dude, look at the thickness in that thigh!  In most women, it all starts at the thigh.  Some go thin thigh, banging tail…but dude.  I mean, my word.  Her legs are reeaaaally crazy.


Hard to hate man.  Really hard…  I suspect the airbrush kings got a hold of her to tone down the thickness.  Let’s get back to the tail.


man….the thing is, there are so many pictures, you can really just go all day.


Whew…  I don’t even know what to say.  All I know is that this is evidence that the thick white babe has always been there.  We’ve just chosen to ignore her.  But look at her now.


80% of her pics with the extra back arch.  Body extra strong.  All kinds of angles of the tail..  I mean, thickness has come a long way and now these babes are owning it.  And all the while it was right there on both Blossom and the Parkers.


Man… you just gotta respect it.  And yes, that is a  Blossom screen cap.  Stay alert gents.  The anamolies are out there.

– Lake


  1. yeah she gets props cause im sure shes like 5’0 tall at that

  2. now we know the secret behind the recent crop of Caucasian booty…


  3. Eh, a little overrated considering what’s out there now.

  4. Trendy White Dude says:

    Is UVT in search of field reporters to document the WGTS? I was in Tampa airport and Atlanta airport yesterday and there had to be about 30 candidates amongst the two ‘ports. I have my flip video cam and will gladly shoot dat ass. We need to get away from celebs and find the “real” whooties out there


    Always loved ms. Von oy, even when she played on bloomsom. I loved her the most cause she always had that ghetto girl persona: loud, talk fast, & extra thick!!

  6. Hopboy says:

    she is working the hell out of that dress in the last picture.

  7. @hopboy: cosigned.

  8. topher says:

    not sure if she’s been referenced before, but brock, my man, you NEED to check out Alenka Bikar.

    i can’t go much for the face, but that backend,…. DAAAAAAMMMN.

    let me hear from ya.

    • @topher Come on player! No, she’s never been referenced before, dammit. Before you send me to go peep out someone’s moms, I’m gonna go ahead and say I need a warning. That ass seemed right though before my eyes started burning.

  9. OSU Will says:

    YO – niiiice with the Throwback Special – Six from Blossom 🙂 No doubt she might be the ORIGINAL original thick white chik! Reason #1 why i openly admitted to watching Blossom. Reason #2: it was actually funny 😛

  10. OSU Will says:

    ‘Whoa!’ -Joey. haa

  11. I get more of a rise from her in blossom!!!