Craziest Tazer Video Ever

This post caused the most devastating internal struggle ever here at Us Versus Them.  One one hand…I have an obsession with tasers.  Ever since the Don’t Tase Me Bro video, I’ve openly campaigned for every possible tasing to be videotaped because it offers endless entertainment.  On the other hand, somehow this dude found a way to get tazed butt ass naked.  So there is cack in this video.  It is probably a 2 on the NSFW scale…you wouldn’t want your boss to see you watching it, could get away with it in some environments, won’t see any cack get sacked, but dude is definitely hitting you with full-frontal.  It almost didn’t make the cut, but it is just too good.  These cops really got with this dude.

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

I don’t understand the guy that fights back with a knee is his ribs and taser prongs sticking out of his back.  Then the cop goes back in on the back of the neck?  Was dude even naked?  I’m not “shower at the gym” guy for a reason.  I have no need to see anyone’s cack but my own.  You know how Chris Rock says there is a reason to do anything?  Even kick a old man down the steps?  Well there is literally no reason for me to ever see another cack.  But seriously, that guy looks like a living mannequin.  WTF?  I’m thinking you might not want to be known as “The Naked Wizard” if you ain’t got no wand.

So if this is too much…just know that it hurt me more than it hurt you.  I’m done.



  1. hahahah crazy son man fuck gettin hit with a tazeri did sme training and they asked if we wanted to be tazed and i said oh hell to the naw fuck that sir. and i know if that shit would mess u up with clothes on he had to be fucked up by the blades on the thing cause they have to carefuly pull them shits out so they dont leave some crazy ass scars

  2. “it’s on video! the whole world is watching!”

    damn, that guys lucky he didn’t sh!t himself getting hit that many times…

    definitely classic material, need a quality video edit tho… shrunken wizard fo realz

  3. okolepuka says:

    So, is he one of us?

  4. one of us can’t have a micro cock. yikes.

  5. Ian M. Summers says:


    What the fuck.