Come On Bruh: Defense

I started Come On Bruh when I had to start defining what it meant to be one of Us to the brothers out there.  I shouldn’t have to do this.  But brothers clearly need guidance in this day and age.  So think of this as my little personal affirmative action program to help brothers keep it real.

I know basketball season is over.  I know no one wants to be posterized.  But the way to avoid getting put on that poster (do kids still have nasty dunk posters in their rooms?) is to deliver that hard foul.  THIS is NOT what you do.


I mean this isn’t even a dunk attempt.  My man just shrugged away from a layup.  I mean from the face to the clinched arms and hands.  That is turrible.  That face is priceless.  I might have to issue a very special Man Up Thursday on this one.

Come on Bruh!



  1. all i have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. thanks for that one.

  2. Mr. Jesus says:

    A whole lot of BITCHASSNESS hapnin right there.

  3. Hahaha looks like he’s about to break out in that lil’ “Hey Papi” dance Dame Dash did in the video lol… Tool…

  4. @Brock: Dunk posters in children’s rooms still in full effect.