Hot Music for the Spring: Drake – November 18th

This Drake cat is from Canada, which for most would be strike one.  Then he’s been described as the next Will Smith….hmm, strike two.  Plus he’s kind of on some rapper, actor, Kanye interpretational sh*t…..for most, that’s a strike three.  But if Kanye is what Wyclef was supposed to be, then this cat is pretty much who Kanye thinks he is on that 808s and Heartbreaks (yes, I admit that I bump that album).  Listen to this sh*t.  It’s hot:

Nice use of the screw, cat vocals and decent sing songy rap.  I like it.  Shouts to K Corns for this joint.  Your email made me peep this song in particular, now Drake is bumpin in the German.

– Lake


  1. The whole mixtape gets an A+, must download.

  2. Nah. Thumbs down.

  3. I’m glad you guys are showing Drake (aka Jimmy from Degrassi) some love. That entire mixtape goes hard. I especially like that song he’s got with Lloyd.