Family Thickness: Amber Rose’s Sister!

One thing that’s for sure, I haven’t given this Kanye fling, Amber Rose, enough burn on UvT.


Gotta love those sideways pictures.

And when you see a babe like this, all the normal questions start up. Black, White or Spanish (forgive me, I get my ethno ethics from NY)?


Uhhh, based on the tail alone, I’mma go with she claims Spanish but she’s mixed in with at least two Black grandparents.  Second, are those J’s real?


Well, I just have to say that at this point I don’t care, but just so we’re all being honest, they look real to me.  One thing I am confident with is the truthiness of that arse piece.


That’s as real as those AIG bonuses.  Anyway, I was questioning it all, her race, the consistency of that gel free tail, them Js, UNTIL, it hit me. Yep, those pictures of her next of kin.  I present to you, thick as her kin folk, Amber Rose’s sister.  She looks so fine, don’t you agree?


Damn. I see they share the same fashion sense.  Tight ass pants, check.  Legitimate J game, check.  Slim waist, Check. Ass so fat you can see it from the front…CHECK. Angle 2 please.


My lord.  That ass is just sittin up on dubbs.  Jeezuz. I mean, if you’re a man, a real man, that angle has to hurt….BAD. wow.  I can’t take it.  Sister of Amber Rose, we love you.


Indeed and we’re happy to know that you love your sister, Amber, as much as we do.  I know who doesn’t like any of this, Father Rose.


Exactly.  And considering Amber described her favorite sexual position as “eating a chick out” (wow), cats really gotta wonder about this brand of sisterly love.


One thing that’s for sure.  Kanye is right.  He’s a fucking genius.


Damn. Her sister got ass too.

– Lake


  1. Karlita says:

    @marie, it kind of annoys me that hispanics are always talking about how, race is not seen or that it really doesn’t matter. That is just not true. Very few black hispanics want to be called negro or prieto…they will take moreno, trigueno, mulato, or whatever else, just don’t say black. It’s not all about nationality…because there is plenty of racisim and colorisim in the caribbean and latin america. Another thing in the DR your race or color is put on your drivers license…mine says India…yet another bs term for a complexion or look. Yeah race is not viewed the same as in the US…but it is viewed. American people believe what I tell u…before Castro…Cuba had plenty of jim crow like laws, same in Puerto Rico. DR’s long time dictator…used to wear white make up…to appear lighter. All over the world…black is considered less appealing, more effects of colonial europe.

  2. @karlita okay we will stop calling you black if you stop calling us white. deal? probably not, because you believe your race is entitled to more. racist.

  3. @Yo, what are you talking about? Your comment makes no sense. It does not respond to anything that I said. Who am I calling white? It’s in poor taste to call someone a racist…personally attack them…when you have no grounds.
    Makes you look very ignorant.

  4. patrick amsterdam says:

    @ Rachael………………..

    Blacks call themselves “African-American” for the same reason for the same reason whites call themselves “Irish-American” etc, i.e., their ancestors came from Africa.

  5. I rather refer to myself as African American because that is my ancestry. I refuse to call myself black because if you open a crayon box and take out the black crayon it looks nothing like me or anyone in my family. Black means dark, tainted, doomed. These things I am not.

  6. AngelEye says:

    I think Cape Verdians are ignorant as hell. The only reason they think they look better than Black women is due to slavery and the impact of White domination. What our Black ancestors considered beautiful was beaten out of us through slavery and such, so now Black features are considered bad and white features are considered good. Honestly I dont think Cape Veridan women are pretty. They look awkward, like too they got all the bad features from the mixing of races. Eyes too close together, noses to thin and long, hair straight and curly at the same time, just funny looking over all. Caribbean women are much prettier and within the Caribbean, there is also alot of mixed ppl but the features offset better on their faces and bodies. PS Anyone who believes that there was anywhere in the world that was completely uninhabited in the 1400’s is a fool!! dont give a lame ass excuse about how slavery didnt exist in Cape Verde, it did. Dont say that white “explorers” came and mated with Black Verde women and so thats how cape verde became so mixed. OBVIOUSLY slave traders came there and sold slaves as part of the trans Atlantic slave trade and raped the women and sold the men. This is why in your post you dont even reference Cape Verdian men! Stop trying to make yourselves seem like more than you really are. Yes you are BLACK and yes you are the descendants of an abused and enslaved ppl…be proud and stop identifying with your oppressor!

  7. nessa_pretty_two says:

    Well to respond to everyone comment; all women are beautiful!!! Mixed, pure or whatever u call yourself, and you have to believe that to see the beauty in anyone. My family is from the US and my cousin have a girlfriend that’s from CV and we always joke around and say she looks like our family. My family is pure black (african american) and people always think I’m of spanish descant. We have light, dark and middle skinned people in my family. Most of us DO have longer hair and lighter skin. I say all that to say, please don’t put my people in a box and say we are this and that, because your making your people look bad, and I personally know your not bad people.

  8. gellibean says:

    wow first of all you have some ppl saying Blacks are ewww some say white are eww some say Hispanics are ewww wtf we all fucking know that EVERYONE IS FUCKING MIXED, during slavery time every fucking race fucked another race so why do yall care if she mixed or not dam get off her fucking nuts, she dont give a shit if yall thinks shes mixed with a horse she doing her own thing. why do yall care about ass some ppl have one some ppl dont and yes majority balck ppl do have ass and so what shit, worry bout your own self

  9. gellibean says:


  10. BrownSkinQT says:

    There is only one race…the HUMAN race. Who you are is what matters most. Stop defining yourself by what you look like.

  11. Adelmo Lomba says:

    Angel eyes, learn the history of Cape Verde before you speak.

  12. Here are things you might want to know:

    1) Amber is probably black. I’m guided by her facial features, not her skin colour. The highest castes in India have more in common genetically with Europeans than their own people on the sub-continent.

    2) To all those who think it profound to say things like ‘there is only one race – the human race’ I’m afraid you’re wrong. There are three. ‘Homo sapiens’ was originally assigned to white people. ‘Homo negrus’ and ‘Homo asiaticus’ or some such being the other categories (I don’t recall just now). Homo sapiens became the collective term for everyone only after pressure from christian churches in England and America.

    3) ‘We’re all mixed’. If this is a variation on ‘we share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees so why don’t we all just get along and dive into bed with one another…?’ it’s wrong too. I know, I know. A hole is a hole – right gentlemen? Look at Amber. Once you do you quickly forget where she’s from, where she’s been and with how many. Biology is nevertheless precise in its effects, and unforgiving, and it is often minute differences that have the greatest impact (one chromosome being the difference between men and women for example, unless you haven’t spotted any distinctions there, in which case there is nothing I can say that will ease the pain of an unhinged mind). The races are distinct. If they weren’t (just for an example) the cultures they gave rise to would not be so distinct. Bankers, politicians and media disguise enforced world integration as ‘fairness’ and ‘human rights’ because it tightens their grip on our lives. The rest of us should oppose it.

    4) It is not a matter ‘defining ourselves by the way we look’. It is a matter of recognizing what upbringing cannot change and what makes who and what we are to a degree political elites and those same bankers that control them don’t want us to talk about, which is why they manipulate school curricula to ensure continuing ignorance of what race is and is not. Most ‘educated’ Europeans – even medically trained professionals – wouldn’t know a white man from a hippopotamus. Nevertheless we cannot choose ignorance. Race matters.

    5) The ‘Out of Africa’ theory, invented to buttress the ideology of a united planet, is most eagerly accepted by those whose interests it serves (primarily money people and immigrants into white countries). Unfortunately the theory is BUNK. More than that, it is a plain lie. We are born of our parents. Our biological inheritance is therefore binary, to some power of 2. Interbreeding means we can be one-quarter or one-eighth or one thirty-second part black or yellow or white but these proportions are all divisible by two again. Black people make other black people. You cannot breed a white person from a black person, or a black person from an asian. Europeans have a common ancestry. Africans have a common ancestry. Asians have a common ancestry. If humanity had a common ancestral founding pair they would have had to have the genetic material of three distinct biological types, which is impossible. Reproductive biology is not a triad.

    We have all the ‘diversity’ we need. Our task is to protect it.

  13. DidaLuv says:


    Hating on Cape Verdean women won’t change your insecurities. All groups have ignorant beliefs and ways of thinking…have you ever talked to Black American women about their family?….The first thing they want you to know about is how their grandmother is white or how they have a very light-skinned cousin! And, PLEASE don’t get me started on caribbean women! They have it just as bad. And, by the way, I have roots in Cape Verde AND the Caribbean, and I can tell you first hand that both places have breathtakingly beautiful women AND strange looking women. Personally, I think you’re jealous of Cape Verdean women….just my opinion.

  14. White people dont get affended when being called white, because they have no real culture, they have no real history as a culture like mexicans, african , and chinese americans do. They are just white

  15. @Rachel—We are African Americans because of the fact that out ancestors were from Africa. It’s the same way that people of Irish descent make it be known that they are Irish Americans. Why is it when we embrace our culture it’s a problem. Mexicans can be in America and proudly display the Mexican flag, same goes for Native Americans, etc. Why can’t we? I don’t understand why people that are from Africa hate us calling ourselves that. The fact is that our ancestors were from Africa. We can’t change our history, unfortunately. Believe me I wish that I could. I am proud of my ancestors and I don’t care about anyone else hating me calling myself African-Americans.

  16. @Temple…white people don’t have real culture? My family is very proud of their German and Austrian background. We eat German foods, my grandparents embrace the music and tradition. You are very small minded and truly ignorant if you believe that white people don’t have real culture. You do realize that by being white we can be Polish, German, Scottish etc…and each has their own culturr…different foods and traditions.

  17. This just to set the record STRAIGHT. African-American women have no reason to feel INFERIOR, to women of any other race. we are all BEAUTIFUL, in our own right. just because women of other races (ie) Mexican, Cuban or what ever the case may be, these women have not cornered the market on being the most beautiful women in the world, because they are not. I as a African-American woman, am damn well proud of myself and my beauty. as the saying goes, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! I am who the good Lord made me to be and, with that I’m happy.

  18. There are alot of ignorant comments on this site…some off those who lack knowledge and understanding. God made beautiful people in all races! I’m proud to be a colored man! You right lady I’m not from Africa do I’m not African American! Africans think they are superior to colored men here! Notice Caucasians tan to get there skin father? Some pay to be a color they hate! Amen! Wait don’t clap to fast so called newbian queens! Now a days y’all don’t appreciate they beauty GOD blessed y’all with! Sisters wanna look white now: blonde, blue, ketchup red, pink lemonade, rainbow of fruit flavors weave and wigs! Women black as midnight with blue contacts…crazy stuff! A few highlights are cool that bring out yo skin color! These women lille Amber feel they need to show off their bodies to say hey I got this too like them sisters! Natural beauty is the best beauty….its real! Some men like hoes but I love a sacred woman! Bernie Mac said it best on”House Party2″ if people don’t like , you for who you are forget’ em!

    • What the hell are you talking about man? haaaaa I mean, you are all over the place here with nubian queens, the good lawd our GOD, Bernie Mac, blue contracts.. Fool, come get some of this drank and chill out. I aint got time for this low brow, Black Student Union shat… All of this was covered in the 80s in School Daze… we off that. Thanks.

  19. @angeleye
    I think you should change your name because clearly you can’t see. Cape verdian women are very beautiful in general and like in many “race” you have some less attractive ones. At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So don’t hate on CV women because you are jealous and insecure. Whether dark or light skin (Caucasian or other) we should all be focussing on things more important than features and be proud of who we are and where we came from because after all none of us had a say on who our forefathers were. Let’s just be happy to be here on hearth and make the best of what we were given… Straight or broad nose long or short, curly, kinky, straight or whatever hair. Peace out to all of you

  20. Amber rose is white, i dont give a fuk what anyone thinks, i seen her Dad, guy looks like steve young, straight cracker

  21. Im African American because My bloodline was brought to America from Africa. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that Black is a color and shouldn’t technically be used to denote Race or Nationality. Church

  22. ummmmmm there is one small detail you are all forgetting. the people that were put into slavery one just didnt consist of africans, and two were sold by their own people for money ( GREED ). sooooooooo before you start getting your panties in a wad ( this includes men ) you should really sit back and think about allllllll the history of the world not just your little chunk of it. i am an american and i am white i dont do pc so blacks are black and hispanics are hispanic and asians are asians, not oriental ( they feel like they are being called a rug ).i am also very anti-ghetto, yes i said ghetto (no such thing as urban ) and because of this i am labled a racist. i cant help that the way they dress ( the wanna be gansters, badasses, punks in my opinion ) is stupid looking, and the way they act, and the way they talk. it just shows the world what a bunch of idiots we americans are and the fact that everyone just accepts it is enough to stab myself in the ears with a pencil. if you just stand up and speak your mind ( like i always do ) maybe we can get back to being a strong country full of intelligent people who you can understand and dont whine every time something doesnt go their way. yes i am talking about the ghetto people out there. i have worked very hard all my life and when i lost my job i went for unemployment. i only get a limited amount of money for this and then i have to apply for an extention ( i am sure i will have a job waaaaay before that happens ) but people on welfare dont have to do anything like that. they can live off of that for decades and i ( the hard working civilian ) am the one paying the bill. on top of that they get to file taxes WTF. i am also against our prison system. these stupid bleeding heart liberals in this country have made it were a prisoner can have tv, internet, and get a free education and again i am the one paying for this. its a nowonder why are country is in the economic downward spiral that it is in. all our money is going to people who dont put anything into the system they just take, take, take. another reason for this is our congress is full of morons who find it more important to go to dinner or to a country club or fly 1/2 way across the world for a vacation all on our social security money, which is why we will not have anything when we go to retire. it is time someone stood up for the working people of the US and gave back to us and start making those who put nothing in either work or die they are only sucking the life from this great nation. oh yeah one more thing media is biassed. nomatter what you think the media is biassed and they are a very big part of the blame also, for EVERYTHING!

  23. Cv princess says:

    First of all you’ll are ignorant as hell… Wat does it matter wat race u r she is beautiful… For all you’ll hating on cabo verdins you’ll need to stop because we are beautiful inside and out.. N b4 u speak u need t look up the culture n backround.. Amber Rose and miss universe is cv. N putting us on the map b4 them ppl didn’t know wat it was or mixed with.. I bet u the ones that’s hating is the ones that’s busted…

  24. Cv princess says:

    Go to massachusetts newbedford brockton Boston you will find a lot of cape verdians that are gorgeous don’t hate give her props..

    • I love the fact that I wrote this string two years ago and the Cape Veridians are still in here defending Amber Rose. But most of you are keeping it clean. On most other sites, this would have turned into a race riot by now. Carry on.

  25. She is beautiful no matter what race,color,creed, a bit trashy though thats her choice!

  26. Some CV people are black a lot of them came to south america im brazilian and portuguese guyanese but my family came from cape verde. there’s black people everywhere there’s nothing wrong with it. some people in cv are more mixed than others some got nigga naps others have more spanish like features. for whatever reason during portuguese colonization and during the times of portuguese slavery many of us were mixed up more than other nations colonies. the dutch were famous for intermixing a lot too i have dutch ancestors from the suriname region as well.

  27. We should stop calling ourselves african american we are Americans who happen to be black. This fascination with africa by Americans never ceases to amaze me. We are not from africa haven’t been to africa and don’t want to be african.

  28. Cat you sound just like one of those ignorant idiots , I was all set to agree with you until you said niggardly naps. There are plenty of blacks that does not have nappy hair and I am one of them so choose your words more wisely next time.

  29. @Tracy whoever told you Africans hate on African-Americans for calling themselves that? that is a BIG LIE or may be the 3 or 4 Africans they’ve met did …I’m African and I can tell you that where Im from we don’t make any distinctions,we actually identify we you very much we are proud of any achievements done by members of your community ,we learn your history and I can tell you that the some of the facts in our history books about slavery in America and in Sub-saharan Africa differ (part of it prolly has to do with the fact that indigenous Africans arent proud of that chapter of their history),now im not saying that our version is correct or anything.All i know is that slavery at one point of time was practised all over the world and no im not trying to justify anything (At different periods of time but still) not only in America.I’ve learned particularly about African slaves in America at a very young age .Slavery in America is a part of our history as much as it part of yours.
    I was taught about the civil rights movements and I felt the same anger & pain about discrimination in America past and present against “brothers” that i felt when I first came across a book depicting Apartheid in South Africa & Im far from being a SA citizen…In 2008 Obama had as much support in Africa than he had in America among the black community & it didnt just have to do with the fact that his father was Kenyan(In my family we personally didnt even know about that at first and im sure many didnt) yet we were supportive and proud of him …When I think Martin Luther Malcom X to some extent or any other civil rights leader i dont think American or descendant of slave I think there is a member of my community that i can look up to ,so do I when I think of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or Nelson Mandela or the proud educated Africans who fought to end colonial rule on the continent in the 50’s. This may sound weird and inappropriate to some …me putting Beyonce or Oprah or any other successful black entrepreneur in the same category as civil rights leaders but I mean no disrepect or anything (people are overly sensitive),they are just people who are known all over the world and who to me have achieved at putting black communities in a “positive light” to other communities .
    Now Im not saying that we all “black people” should stick together because of the color of their skin but im saddened to hear Africans hating on Afro-Americans (which I really cant believe to be honest and im not being biased here ) and vice versa ,the worst really is hearing Coloureds in SA (then again not all Coloured are related to indigenous African tribes )or some African-American Carribean or Latinos with african heritage trying to downplay their African roots.Its just sad.But I guess centuries of oppression will do that to you.

  30. @Tracy I just hope you know that that’s totally untrue .Im a West African btw …”Africans hatin on African Americans for calling themselves that ” .Whoever told you that has clearly not been on the Continent and seen how very much African American culture is present all over .

    We learn about the history of slavery in America and i can tell that some of the facts in our history textbooks probably differ from yours (part of it probably has to do that it is not a chapter of our history any of us are proud of albeit Africans today had nothing to do with it),as well as the civil rights movements . I for one ,felt as much anger and pain learning about racial discrimination in America than I did learning about Apartheid when I was about 12 .Still do.

    In 2008, Obama received as much support in Africa than he did from members of the Afro-American community. And didnt have to do with the fact that his dad is Kenyan.I bet that many people didnt even know about that fact in the beginning. As an Afro-American we just thought of him as one of “us”,someone my friends and I could look up to and be proud of just as much as any successful black entrepreneur, or any civil rights leader , proud educated African who fought to end colonial rule on the Continent) For young basketball players who hardly see any hugely successful basketball player in my country ( soccer is really more our thing :p) Kobe Bryant is “the greatest man that’s ever lived”.

    I might be biased here ,but I truly dont believe that Africans are offended by the term African-American being used by Americans with African heritage .Rachel or whoever said that probably knows at most what? 2 ,3 Africans? Thats hardly representative of the majority and no offence but I think its jst a load of bullshit.They are loads of Africans in America right now you dont see them dissociating themselves from Afro-Americans.As Africans we are proud to claim that are from the continent ,I do whenever i get a chance especially when you’ve got some Americans (although very few in my opinion),Latinos ,SA Coloured with african heritage (then again not all Coloured are related in any way to indigenous african tribes) or Carribean trying to downplay their African roots . Then again,centuries of oppression can do that to you.

  31. After living in Singapore for 3 years I feel the need to justify why IM A PROUD AFRICAN because some people just dont understand why .
    The media doesnt help much with the image the Africa has overseas .Corruption is rampant ,ethnic cleansing is not fabricated it actually happens (that would be “Hotel Rwanda” for the average American who knows nothing about Africa and Africans beyond the stereotypes and the whatever the media cover.

    To Americans just like Asians (more so for Asians )Africa beyond the Somalian famine & piracy ,AIDS ,blood diamonds hmm did i miss anything?

    ahh the stereotypes .Reading some of you i can tell that the fact that we are not that homogenous has not crossed your mind . We have different facial features and we come in different “shades” depending on our ethnic background .There happens to be a significant protion of WHITE AFRICANS AND AFRICANS OF ASIAN DESCENT mainly in the South and the East and the North is Arab really ( most northeners i’ve come across DO NOT like being called Africans but hey too bad you happen to have been on our continent for centuries so deal with or go back to whatever Middle Eastern place you came from …no offence but its very irritating .& just like Europeans dont have a collective mind we dont either.
    The fault is prolly ours for our govts have done very little to change that tarnished image ..too busy being corrupt or for the few trying too busy trying to get their countries free of corruption and religious/ethnic/racial divisions or trying to face droughts etc .Africa is a complex diverse continent just like any other .
    Personally i dont mind being called “black” to describe my race although nope im not actually black.after all we call ppl of european descent white. but I understand whoever said they didnt aprreciate being called “black” ,who would?? when everywhere even in most parts Africa the color black is synonymous with dirt,danger , something that you need to be scared of.Blackhole ,blackmail…is there any word with black in it that’s associated with a positive thing?? Im pretty sure due to all the nagativity associated with the word itself ,unconciously or otherwise you jst start seeing a “black” person that way too without even knowing anything about the person .

    @Tim. great thing that you are proud to be an American and you’d rather not be called an African American .No one needs you to be African man .

    Pictures of Amber Rose’s ass end up spawning a talk about race .Wow,still a looong way to go.

  32. Jack, you are an idiot. Your ideas are more of less fantasies. Can you provide any science on this?