Man Up Monday: People Who Don’t Believe in Technology

You know people who think it is cool to have no tv and a shady ass internet connection?  Well, I went out to the West Coast and I’m in one of those people’s cribs.  Books?  Got you covered.  Mid-Century, South African Art?  Check.  Fireplaces?  Let no ass cheek go un-warmed.  A cable internet connection?  AHNT.

Your boy Brock will rejoin you in the 21st century tomorrow.  Right now I’ve got to go churn some butter, or whatever they do out here.


I hope Lake has got his shit together at UvT HQ…


  1. come to the bay area. we have technology covered boi…

  2. Ian M. Summers says:

    Weakest. Shit. Ever.

    This update deserves it’s own man-up. Just sayin’…

  3. i hate people who cant embrace technology. i refuse to get off the posting this comment from my phone infact. winning