Solange Knowles: Stop it’s the Motharf*#kin REMIX!

I’ve always had the same opinion of Solange Knowles since I knew she existed.  She’s basically the bizarro Beyonce to me.  Like she’s recognizable, but everything is just not quite right.

On the right we have Beyonce.  Multiple Grammy winner, can sing her ass off, looking silky smooth and thick and we know she has an ass so big you can see it from the front.  And on the right we have Solange.  Skinny, weave looks like it is too big, grill piece hits you with a little too much Matthew Knowles and not enough Tina Knowles, can’t really sing, and is the real Destiny’s Child as she is destined to kick it in her big sisters shadow for the rest of eternity.

Then I saw this.

Say what?  That ain’t Solange Knowles.  But those ass cheeks are smoothed out with a rising thickness on the horizon.

Yup, that’s her, she’s trying to work a little j-game too.  Remember she’s already had a kid.  That young body bounces right on back huh?

Hey, even the grill is starting to look better.  By the way, I can’t tell if that hip on the right side that is about to come busting out is teriffic or turrible.  I’m leaning toward turrible.

Solange Knowles isn’t UvT quality, but I’m moving her from completely turrible to a terrible spades hand.  Right now she’s got one and a possible.  Her songs aren’t getting any better, but maybe she’ll get her grown woman body on sometime soon.

Oh and here’s some career advice for Solange too.  Don’t pretend like you are getting record deal or any looks that aren’t related to the fact that your sister is Beyonce.  Don’t double-think yourself into obscurity.  You need to release an album with one track that features the Destiny’s Child Reunion.  A duet with your sister.  A duet with your sister featuring Jay-Z.  Remake the whole first Beyonce album as a tribute to your sister.  Get her to put you in one of her movies.  Do another track with Jay-Z.  Make your sister feature you on her album and actually release the single.  Uhhhh, and step yo game up.  Then you might actually sell some albums.

Just my two cents.  That shot of your ass is a nice start though.  We need more of that too.



  1. i love the picture of you and your sister they are so very sexy and i am your biggest fan and love the butt