New Country, Same Results, The Bills Suck

This is quick.  The Buffalo Bills are my football team.  You rarely hear that on this blog, because they f*cking suck and have sucked for a long long time.  Well, now our genius owner, Ralph Wilson, decided to take the Bills game against MIami, a HUGE rival, to freaking Toronto Canada….AHHHHNTTT

Look, Canada is a fine place with some cool people, but Bills football belongs in BUFFALO!  Anyway, you can put the Bills in Afganistan and it won’t matter.

They’ll still suck.. Jeez.

– Lake


I will say.  When good old fashioned American Bacon (AKA the most delicious food on the planet) isn’t available.  Canadian Bacon is a fine substitute.  Is that their only export?

– Brock


  1. ha bad deal. my moms dad and siblings live in buffalo so i followed them when i was young but anymore cause i dont have an nfl team. anyway theyl be back just in a tough division

  2. Your Bills may suck but try being a Lions fan. I wish they would move a lions game somewhere else..maybe it would help.

    T-Baby said it best
    It’s so cold in the D.

  3. moving that game was so f*in’ stupid especially because they kept the roof closed at the skydome. wtf? stupid stupid stupid. anyway, i didn’t comment because of that. i commented because you said that canadian bacon is acceptable when you can’t get real american bacon. and that is just wrong as hell. canadian bacon is aight in eggs benedict and its bastard third-cousin the egg mcmuffin, but that’s about it. i offer ham sliced thin and crisped up as the best alternative if you can’t get real bacon.