Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms Have Officially Gone Too Far

The Oregon Ducks are a middle of the pack team in the Pac-10.  They are famous for sending the NFL the disappointing Joey Harrington.  For exposing Michigan in Michigan last year.  And wearing these multicolored, ridiculous uniforms.

My man in the yellow put the visor on so he couldn’t be identified later.  The others weren’t so lucky.  Oh and don’t think they just have these four colors.  Between the helmet, the jersey, the pants, socks, those arm thingies they have 384 potential combinations.  And that was before they added the yellow helmet to the mix.

How can they possibly make it crazier?  hey decided to add some additional decoration to the uni.

Peep the all black version with the duck wings on the shoulders.  Hey fellas, the “duck” is the worst thing about the whole team identity.  Don’t get me wrong, you’re no Presbyterian College “Blue Hose”, but the duck doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.  Your mascot is a Donald Duck ripoff, you might not want to call too much attention the the fact that you are rolling with a Duck.  At least they won.  You’d really feel like an asshole if you played a football game looking like an extra from “Mad Max” only to lose.

You know me, there is always a bright side.  First, the uni still looks good on the ladies.

The ladies of Oregon never cease to amaze.

Second, you still look better than Notre Dame when they have the “Wearin’ o’ da green”

But with the record that Notre Dame has had in these unis in the last few years I call it the “Losin’ o’ da game”

Third, at least you aren’t wearing the Philadelphia Eagles throwbacks.

That is pretty much the worst uniform ever.  They need to throw it back where it came from.

The worst thing about the Oregon uniforms?  They are completely redesigning them for 2010, with player input.  I fully expect them to somehow make these kids look like even bigger fools.  Maybe they will even break out the Zubaz print on em.  Arena league style.



  1. speaking of oregon, a special report is needed on their cheerleaders (including the bball hotties)

    but yeah, those jerseys are out of control. the whole world has ducks! they’re not special to oregon, or special at all actually.

  2. And if you’re rolling with a Duck as your mascot, it better be either this or this

  3. You guys just don’t get it. You are assuming this is all about Traditiional Uniforms. Well hate to break it to you but it is not. U of O is simply making money, getting recruits and saying “This is out tradition to have all the different Unis and keeping fresh by changing them.” Do I like all the looks they come up with? NO I do not but some are o.k and I like the whole direction they have gone. Keep it up Oregon.

  4. the only reason the ducks have a respectable football program is because Phil Knight gives them 10 million dollars every year

  5. Phil Knight is a freaking alumni you idiot. He is not the only rich alumni in the nation that gives to his alma mater…incidentally, it is because of oregon’s excellent athletic program that Phil Knight ever became a gazillionaire. In many ways he owes it all (that is Nike) to Oregon.

  6. ESPN recently did a survey of college football players and asked which team had the best uniforms.

    They could choose any uniform in the country, and an amazing 50%+ chose Oregon’s uniforms. So… there goes the whole “Duck unis suck” thing.

    By the way, middle of the pac team? YOu mean the team that won the Pac 10 by TWO FULL GAMES last year and is currently ranked number 5 in the country? That middle of the pack team?

    • @Thaiduck Just becuase you FOUND this post today, it doesn’t mean I WROTE the post today. I wrote it two years ago when Oregon was…a middle of the pack Pac-10 team. Thanks.

  7. True you wrote this two years ago when Oregon was mediocre but those all black with silver wings is very similar to what they have today and there’s no doubt that they are among the most stylish and popular today. It reminds me of the Raiders jersey which is known as being the best also.

  8. Wow you really don’t have a clue what you are writing about. The ducks have the best uniforms and they are number 1 not middle of the PAC. Youngblood be fired for writing such a bad article. The duck is probably the most entertaining and best shape mascot of all college football teams

  9. too bad there number one in the nation trick! so u can all smdb

  10. MrsBonnieMoore says:

    Donald Duck “ripoff”?? The Oregon Ducks got permission from WALT DISNEY HIMSELF and asked if they could use Donald as the mascot. It **IS** Donald Duck, and Disney gets kickback. Learn some facts, ape. And, btw? We just finished regular season UNDEFEATED and are in the BCS. How do you like us now?

  11. Duck ala Orange says:

    First to Brock, Awesome post. I came across a couple years ago and totally agree. Oregon is going all out to break the mold. Congrats to them and Knight for that. What a great way to market the swoosh and build interest in a team at the same time. College football needs more of that.

    As to the mascot. It is a Donald Duck tipoff, completely Walt Disney never “approved” or even knew of the Duck. And Oregon, in no way, compensates Disney (absolutely certain about that). I think it’s the “Oregon come lately” fans that need to check your facts.

    Now for the most important comment. Oregon may be undefeated in the PAC10 but that isn’t saying a lot. It’s like being undefeated in the Big East. It’s just not that impressive. Who did they beat? How many ranked teams did they play? Oregon’s schedule strength was ranked 87th nationally. TCU had a higher ranking schedule and should be playing in the National Championship instead of Oregon. I like Oregon but facts are facts. Oregon did not play to a level that warrants them playing in the National Championship. If they made it into the game due to Phil Knight’s influence, then the game, the schools and, most important, the players have all been short changed. Oregon should not be in the National Championship game.

    I am not an Auburn fan or a TCU fan. I am just a college football fan and love the sport. The big corporate money seems to have changed this sport. It has began to influence the sport in a negative way. There was no doubt that Nike U was going to play if there was half a chance. That will sell lots of shoes.

    Oregon is going to find out the hard way Monday night that they shouldn’t be there. War Eagle will annihilate the Ducks. Don’t think the cool new uniforms will protect them from that.

    Oabsolutely no competition in t

  12. brandon bryant says:

    stop hating on the ducks colors


  14. First of all, congrats on U of O for FINALLY figuring out how to make people want to go to the school. Second, as posted originally, the Ducks are a “GOOD” team atop the Pac 12 for now. If they are as great as everyone on here says they are, they would at least have one national championship in their programs history, and have at least one player drafted in the first round every year. So, as you can tell, those uniforms dont make a plater or a team any better. When they are constantly atop their division/conference more than a few years, produce NFL talent, and win big games, then and only then you can brag about stupid uniforms and how good you think they are. National power house tems that dont need to change their unforms to get players to come to the school, and produce championships, and NFL talent are schools to brag about.
    So for now Duck fans, enjoy your new uniforms, but last I saw, there are a few teams in your conference that have national championshis, as well as more conference championships than the Ducks do. Measure up to those FACT, and then brag about something a “Uniforms” or Phil Knight cant give you, CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

  15. Good teams dont have to have new uniforms, just look at the past champions and see if theres have changed? Uniforms dont make a good program or team, thats why Oregon has not won ANYTHING, and ever will. Kids with true talent dont need a program with flashy uniforms or need a school like Oregon to be noticed. When Oregon produce talent year in and year out to the NFL, then and only then will they be considered a power house team like those who dont change uniforms and win championships. Over 100 uniform combinations, and not one national championship. Looks like Oregons program priority is not on the same page as the programs with traditional unforms.